Oh come on guys... we can do better than this

Hello everyone. First of all, sorry for my written english. I wanna say that iam writing this topic with all the respect, i dont want to start a discussion or troubles just for fun…

I wanna talk about a recent situation that i see in this forum. I dont know what the user “mplain” post, but in their words was nothing offenssive. Well, i dont know nothing of this so i cannot say anything . But, later this user write another topic to try to get a answer from the mods who ban their post before. Not only he dont get an clear answer, also the mods “freeze” the topic and dont allow to keep write to others users. Also the mods write a kind of speech full of “power, lawfull, maximun emperator” that i really dont like. Just wanna say, this is a forum of a card game, we are all here and we are part of this, it works because of all the community. Is not a place to demostrate false power to the other people who dont administrate. I think this is more than a democracy, everybody deserves a answer when he ask correctly and with education (i believe mplain ask for a answer correctly).

Administrators and moderator needs to get all the criticism in a positive way and never silence a partner witouth offer a fair answer. Unless that is my idea of a forum. Theres no government here, there no stupid laws here… Please do not fill your moutj with words like “rules” “laws”… We are better than that! we must enjoy!

now, i hope nobody lock this post and my freedom, but now i have to say, im a bit afraid thst this can happen.

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I’m not an admin here or mod. This is my personal opinion.

This service is provided for free. At the end of the day they have their rules here and we must respect that.

If people want more power / control then I see two options:

  1. volunteer to join the mod team and enforce the rules and work from the inside to change what you don’t like

  2. set up your own forum where you set your own rules (or no rules)

Personally I’m sorry to see mplain gone from the point of view that some of his ideas and questions are brilliant. You don’t have to like someone to respect their abilities.

¿who wants more “power” or control?
Iam talking about the “power” concept here is ridiculous.

And not agree with your words. This site is build by all the people here, not inly the mods and devs (who of course deserve a lot of credit). Witouth the great work of them this site doesnt exist, but the same with the regulars! your idea of “if you dont like, make your own forum” is very bad, its a position of the “false power” iam talking about.

It seems to me that some mods think that if they will close and erase topics the problem will disapear, but that only makes worser. I’ m very frustrating with current mod policy.

I have left facebook community but don’t want to leave this forum. But if these will continue… I don’t see the point to fight the system.

Mods, please reconsider the practice of closing and hiding whole posts, and deleting comments. If people want to share their opinion on themes related to game and community they should have a place to do so. Even if their opions are not same as yours.

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Mplain’s single deleted post was a direct Jab at the Facebook admin team (which shares members with our mod team). The only thread we deleted was the Kung Fu deck list thread that derailed into conversation that could be considered unwelcoming to some. When I talk about “the law” - I’m just speaking in flavorful terms for the staff around these parts. We have rules, and they’ll be enforced. We prefer to function in private, if a thread or post is deleted you should receive a private message - we don’t believe in publicly shaming anyone who is attempting to contribute. We’ll explain why the post has been removed. You are free to argue your case.

Our goal is to be a welcoming community, we try not to ban anyone. And we haven’t had to. We don’t censor opinions that differ from ours - that discussion is healthy. We remove content that is not constructive or threads that have completely derailed.

If a conversation starts as strategy and becomes a battle of political opinions that may offend someone - the thread is likely going to vanish. This is our way of welcoming new members and not letting the community collapse under the weight of it’s own debate. We are always open to any complaints you may have, but the proper forum for that is via private message.

We recognize that without you guys the Gazette would not be as successful as it is - but we also work hard to foster new growth. Doomtown has a unique community, and we believe it is our job to cater for that.

I personally watch every single thread - and while there is content I disagree with - most of it has a place on these boards. Only one post has recently been deleted by the mods. Every other post deleted has been by the original posters. The post deleted was an obvious attempt at baiting.

If a topic derails - start a new thread. A thread about a deck list turned into a thread about perceived sexism. A discussion that, as long it remains civil, is welcome. But due to the possible sensitive nature of the topic should be in it’s own thread, and should be handled maturely. Neither of which happened.

People of all race, age, creed, and gender play Doomtown:Reloaded. We want to make our forums a welcoming place to all. We all love this game, there is no reason for us to be at odds. I feel like this entire situation is blown out of proportion. @Mplain should have PM’ed me and the mod team about his post. We would have resolved it.

I chose to hide, not delete, the “My first attempt at kung fu” - due to the direction the thread went. Not the mods, not the other admins, but me. The responsibility for this decision does not fall on anyone else but me. It wasn’t due to my personal opinion in the matter, but rather how the thread would look to people just jumping into the community. I care very much about how Doomies look to potential new players. I love this game, and this community, and I seek to help it grow. This sometimes means taking the unpopular action, and ruffling some feathers.

I responded in the other thread as well. I’m sorry that you didn’t agree with what I had to say. I still stand by my team though.

They were hand picked by me, they are volunteers who chose to dedicate their time to making this place the place to be, and I have utmost faith in them. We all make the wrong choices sometimes - and if you believe in any case we have, we would love to hear from you. Privately.

Few Stats to Date:
Non Spam Posts Deleted by Mod team - 3. All of which violated the rules.
Threads HIDDEN (not deleted) - 1. By me.
Bans of Non-Bot Users: 0.

I hope this response is satisfactory.

-Alex, Administrator and Owner


I’d like it to be known that mplain’s absence is of his own choosing. He has not been banned, and such a decision has not even been discussed. He has made excellent contributions to the discussion here.