Old Gomorra Gazette forum address not working

Hello Gazette management & others,

Well done on restoring the forums at the http://forums.pineboxentertainment.com/ address! :slight_smile:

The old http://community.gomorragazette.com/ address that was running in parallel hasn’t come back to life - are you planning to restore this too? Various old links target the http://community.gomorragazette.com/ address so if this is going to be left behind I will work on updating various links directing people to this forum/specific threads on it, otherwise I’ll just wait for this address to come back to life too.

Appreciate you might not have had the time/energy to fix this second address yet.

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This was actually intentional - but I’ll reinstate it. The double DNS registration was the source of the 500 and 502 errors. So I nixed it for the time being. But I’d not thought of external links.

Thanks for getting back to me Alex. If this was causing issues I’m happy to go back and correct various old links, it won’t take long and I’d be happy to help if it makes the official forums more stable. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve updated the main external links I could remember to the Buyer’s Guide post on this forum (there’s a back-up link to an identical Board Game Geek anyway). Please let me know if anyone spots old broken links I’m responsible for.

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