Once Per Day Abilities Used in Setup

Thinking about the Gadgetorium ruling about Post-A-Tron and the recent spoiler with a somewhat similar React ability, I was wondering when these abilities could be used again.

The rules for not being able to use an ability once per day only seem to show up under the “Actin’” Noon rules for Repeat abilities.

Even so, you can only use each ability on a given card in play once per day. However, any ability that
includes the word “Repeat” before the colon can be used multiple times per day, without limit

Are React abilities used before the game starts considered to be during the same “Day” as the first turn, as defined by the rules for Repeat abilities? Section 5 seems to imply that a day encompasses the rotating phases of Gamblin’, Upkeep, High Noon, and Sundown but doesn’t say anything about Reacts that would occur during the Setup defined in Section 4.

More generally - When I use an ability during setup (that doesn’t specify it only is available during setup, like a Grifter ability), when can the ability be used again? On the first turn, or on the second turn? Why?

Your cards won’t unboot (and abilities won’t refresh) until the Sundown phase, which won’t happen until the end of turn one.

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Are there currently any cards you can think of that would create this situation?

Im happy to answer, Im just not sure it can actually happen in game right now. (Anything that stands up your outfit allows you to use it a second time)

Would the new Prof Roe conceivably create this situation?

Another Mad Scientist invents Post-A-Tron during set-up, Roe uses his ability to help out. I think the question would be can Roe use his ability again that turn? Apologies if I’ve misunderstood. :slight_smile:

This was the situation I was envisioning, yes.

All abilities excepting repeat are only useable once per day, this is from the point that outfit’s are revealed on the first day until sundown finishes. At the point that cards would un-boot during the next day is when abilities are able to be used again.

To try and clear this up a little more setup is actually part of day 1 and not a separate entity.

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I think this is the critical information that informs the rest of the answer. Thanks!

No problem, and once again thanks for asking for clarification. We will do our best to put something in the rule book to clear that up.

It has been pointed out by @jordan_caldwell that previous rules team had determined that setup was not actually part of the 1st day, as such we are reviewing these rulings

Was halfway through typing that, when I saw your followup :).

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We have decided to keep the old ruling that setup is not part of day 1.

As such we will revise our original answer to this rules question.

React abilities are not considered to be during the same as the first turn.

Any ability used during setup will only refresh during the following sundown phase.

Many thanks for the helpful reminders from the community