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I netdecked Return of the Quaterman last night, and ran into a thing, so I wanted to pose it here.

Quaterman can’t be booted by card effects (Wendy, PM), but can he boot to pay the cost of something (pistol whip, kidnapping).

My assumption is yes, he can pay that cost because the card isn’t booting him, he’s booting himself to pay a cost. That, and I assume someone would have told the Return of the Quaterman originator that he was crazy pants.


I have been playing it as written

Cards cannot move or boot Quaterman.

If it was part of the cost it would be before the colon.

Shootout: Boot your dude in this posse to send a dude in the other posse home booted. Your dude gets –1 bullets (minimum 0).

Nope - nothing can boot Qman, this includes but is not limited to Your pistol whip


The only type of cards that move or boot QM are jobs and only if he isn’t a leader of a job that requires booting ( he cannot be leader for those).

And to clarify this is because the card itself is not doing the booting, the general rulebook rules for jobs are doing that.

For example I have “Noon Job, Boot: Do X.” If Quaterman is chosen as the leader of that job, the card itself boots him as a cost of that card. However, if someone else leads that job and Quaterman boots to join the posse and move the mark’s location it’s the rules for jobs that do that, not the card itself.

So, what I hear you saying is if I read the card, I’d be fine.

Perfect. :smile:

By the by, what about something like Sun in Yer Eyes on someone holding a Bio-Charged Neutralizer?

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It changes a dude from a stud into a draw.

Cards that Bio-Charged Neutralizer protects itself from are: Unprepared, Faithful Hound, Abram Grothe (Exp.1)‘s ability. That’s about it, everything else still affects your dude as usual (because it affects the dude, not his goods). To protect the dude himself, you need Peacemaker, Telepathy Helmet, or Hidin’ in the Shadows.

Crazy pants here - the pistol whip in the deck is early protection of scientists/late game removal of dudes that Q-man has a hard time shootin (Super Mario I am looking at YOU!).

Hope you have fun with the deck :wink: