OP Tournament on OCTGN - Feedback Desired

Long story short: My local game store has an OP kit #6 that they are able to donate for an online OCTGN tournament.

If we picked a single day, say a Saturday or Sunday, starting early EST-wise (maybe 9 or 10am?) would you be interested in participating in a one-day tournament on OCTGN?

Details: The devil is definitely in the details. There are some obvious extra things that would have to be worked out to have a “normal” style tournament online. I am hoping that if we start early enough in the morning, US-wise, that the Europe folks would be able to join in and we could have a truly world-wide tournament.

Time limits would have to be adjusted to be longer than the normal 50 minutes, so chances are if we go 4 or 5 rounds we’d probably have to make the top 4 or top 8 play-offs another day. If that’s the case, we could run the finals similar to how we run the OCTGN league finals, where each pairing has 1 or 2 weeks to arrange a game and play each other.

There are other small details that would have to be worked out, but right now I just want to gauge interest. If there is enough interest, we can talk about the details and which day/time works best. It will likely be after the last set is out, so that is exciting (at least to me!). I think there is only 1 Sheriff event that will have the last set legal, so until the Outlaw events next year the competitive meta will have very little other than some OP and maybe Deputy events.


I don’t know if I’ll be bold enough to enter the world of competitive OCTGN play (or have the time/patience for it!) but at the very least I’ll be following proceedings and checking out the decks. I think it’s great that you’re organising this. :smiley:

I’ve had OCTGN installed for a long time, so maybe this will give me the impetus to start using it properly…

Should add that due to the delayed delivery of Edinburgh’s Sheriff kit, it’s likely that there will hopefully be another Sheriff event with Blood Moon Rising legal. I’ll share the details of this once we’ve got the kit and a date has been set. There might be a positive outcome from the delay in our Sheriff kit arriving!

I think if you played one full game on OCTGN, your doubts would be instantly gone :slight_smile: Time, however, is another matter of course…

So far we have a total of 5 folks who have said they are interested. I’d like to get at least 10 who can agree on a particular date and time, so please spread the good word if you’d like to see this happen!

My weekends are pretty limited for the remaining year, but if you would record an online tourney, maybe with commentary (if anyone is willing and having fun doing that), i would definitely watch :slight_smile:

Just a quick update: there was not enough folks to make this viable, so I’ll just be donating the OP kit as prizes for the next OCTGN league.

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