Origins is in Two Weeks

At Gamma there was rumbling about another ECG project, as well as talk about Doomtown’s future. I expect Saddlebag 5 to be there. What are your predictions for Origins and AEG?

Alex - Frontier Justice just dropped. AEG tends to release on a 6 week schedule, give or take. Just doing the math as a fan, it’d be very optimistic for SB5 to be a pre-release. Remember, last year, GENCON was the big DTR rollout. If there are going to be summer con pre-releases, track record suggests it is more likely to be at GENCON rather than Origins.

Along those lines, early July should likely see SB5 released, and about 3-4 weeks ahead of Gencon. After that, quien sabes?

[/off topic] love the dueling avatars of Kevin sussing Nic :stuck_out_tongue:

Pre-release is asking a bit much. Showing off Cards from SB5 seams completely plausible.

Rather than make a new topic I’ll add it here, who all is planning to make it to Origins? I was only at Gencon for the afternoon last year and never got to play or meet most of the community and since I live next to Origins I don’t have to worry about a long drive home.

I sadly will not be. But the intention is to be at the Con of Gen. If you’re gonna be there, we should definitely all get together and get sloppy and play doomtown.