Other CCGs / LCGs you play?

Yes, i know. But that kind of lore i’m not interested. I remember i was also looking for some LBS rulings in R9E rulebook. :wink:

Hmm. Actively play:

L5R LCG. Playtested core, did not try to finangle continued PT opportunities as I realized I really missed the anticipation of not knowing what cool things are on the horizon (and because I’m not sure I added adequate value to justify asking to continue. ^^; ). Am looking forward to playing in casual tournaments locally/regionally, and occasionally traveling abroad for awesome fan events. Don’t plan on playing competitively: FFG’s high-level OP TOing doesn’t hold a candle to PBE’s. :wink:

Casually play:

Netrunner LCG. My first LCG addiction. I’ll likely play 3-4 months a year, in the lead up to the local OP Kit tournaments I run. I miss the bluffing/deduction style play of codegate - sentry - barrier that the early meta had, and I don’t like the stale metas that developed repeatedly. Plus, I found there was less room to be competitive through good play with a deck ‘in development’ or a sub-par decktype . (Maybe I just suck more at playing the game. :slight_smile: )

Star Trek CCG, 1e (Decipher/Continuing Committee). Oh boy, this monstrosity. Huge flavour. Much Rules. Such Glossary. I still haven’t worked up the courage to try online play ‘for real’, but have a blast playing a sealed deck variant on Lackey. I also try to keep up with physical copies of the new cards, because they are purdy and awesome. I also like the design insights that crop up on the boards: it is neat to see a group of professional-quality volunteers taking a game that was commercially killed off because it was too expansive, complicated, and dying of power-creep and turning it into a living, expanding, fun game. It is neat getting a look ‘under the hood’ at how errata, bans, and new cards (to plug holes, use innovative design to reinvigorate old binder-fodder, and create new decktypes) can all work well… and where things can go awry. :slight_smile:

Collect dust:

L5R CCG: I keep meaning to pick a format, and finish my collection. Still have a few booster boxes for draft, and I like Siege play… but time, brain space, opponents, all limited in supply.

Lord of the Rings TCG (Decipher): ah, this is where it all began. Nostalga and an almost complete playset of the cards mean this will have an essentially permanent home in my collection, even if I haven’t played in years.

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Part of my recent holiday involved organising my collection for the even older Middle Earth CCG! It is great fun, albeit quite complicated, like many 90s card games.

Can sympathise on the point about playtesting things taking away from the thrill of discovery.

Forgot to mention the Warlord CCG too in my previous post, thanks to Carter for jogging my memory with his post above.

Star Trek 1e was actually the first CCG I ever played, but I was very young, and I don’t know that I ever played more than one or two games of it. At this point, there’s a box of old unlimited cards somewhere in my parent’s basement - maybe next time I visit I’ll try to dig it up.

I have a friend who’s really into Middle-Earth, but I never got the chance to play it. I’d love to learn the rules to it, too.


Mythos and Magic, I tried to play Dune but its not good, Doomtowns the best!


If we talk about physical cards, nowadays i’m playing with my kid two Warhammer card games: Age of Sigmar Champions and 40K Conquest. Just started digging through Horus Heresy and Dark Millennium boxes to make some easy decks.