Other CCGs / LCGs you play?

I’m very curious as to what other, if any, CCGs / LCGs folks that play DTR play. I came to DTR via Doomtown Classic. I have a fondness for many of the CCGs from the great CCG explosion of the early to mid 1990s. I have a complete collection of Shadowfist, which is both my favourite game and my favourite CCG - and we still play it fairly regularly. I was playing Doomtown at the same time I was playing Shadowfist, and they’ve botth be my two go-to CCGs. I love them both mechanically and settings wise.

I also have a fairly extensive collection of the Decipher Star Wars game (which I rarely get to play), the FFG Call of Cthulhu (which I tend to get to play once a year at Origins), Old Legend of the Five Rings (which mostly collects dust), & Babylon Five (which had great mechanics, and now collects dust). I also am a casual Netrunner player, but I find the tournament environment just too intimidating for that game.

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Keep up collections of Android: Netrunner, Game of Thrones 2.0, Star Wars LCG, and Arkham Horror. Arkham has been getting the most play by far this last year.

I’ve heard good things about Arkham Horror, but not checked it out. Given that I really like(d) Call of Cthulhu by FFG, I might take a look at it.

I’ve been really impressed with the design so far. For me it reached peak FFG in the Essex county express pack (tentacles on a train) where the investigators move through the train to get to the engine at the front. each location is a car and the rules include a diagram showing left and right.

I play Arkham as well as doomtown. I’m looking at getting back into netrunner with the new base set which looks intresting

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I played quite a bit of Star Wars ccg, (loved my tusken raider deck) but was terrible at it and couldn’t afford a good deck. It’s what got me into card games though, and fueled my pention for jank. I have a TON of 7th sea, never played any tournaments, but I had some damn solid boarding decks. After that it was miniatures until DTR.


Due to some TO reporting mistakes for six months I was the second highest ranked female raw deal player in the UK. True story


I really liked the design and depth of the Star Wars CCG, but I think the depth is what turned folks off. I would still play it any day - and I’ve ran sealed deck tournaments for it at Origins in the past.

At the moment, other than Doomtown it’s just Dice Masters, if that counts as a CCG (it’s pretty much the same as one). There’s a good local casual scene, where people generally avoid most of the terrible brokenness that exists in the game once you mix sets. Used to play Star Wars LCG but numbers had pretty much died off locally by the time of the Sith/Rebels deluxe box, so I stopped picking up expansions after that. I tried Netrunner and AGoT2.0, liked the former but not the latter. I found Netrunner required far more on-the-fly maths than I like (that my short term memory is rubbish with numbers really doen’t help there) so I never really got into the game.

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I never got into the Star Wars LCG, mostly because I thought / think the Star Wars CCG is so, so good. My relationship with Netrunner is supremely casual. I like it. It’s fun. But I really don’t have the mental energy, or skills, frankly, to play in organized play. (Especially with the massive flurry of changes over the past 2.5 months)

I may be something of an anomaly, as I didn’t play card games before Doomtown Reloaded so only know the older CCGs through people talking about them.

What really killed swccg for me was the extremely bad power creep. Also, when they added a ‘side deck’ function to the game it was populated by hard counter silver bullet effects. I really didn’t like where it went after special edition came out.

started with Revised Magic (yes I am old)
then Played Legend of the Five Rings
then discovered Classic Doomtown (and Gencon, as I wanted to become a dude)
liked the AEG game design philosophy - went to 7th Sea, then Warlord, then Spycraft.
dabbled with Game of Thrones and Android Netrunner.

Actively play Warlord and Doomtown (Reloaded and Classic) whenever I get the chance, which is too rarely.

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Magic (The Dark–Urza’s Saga)
Illuminati: New World Order
7th Sea
A Game of Thrones LCG
Call of Cthulhu LCG

Doomtown, Arkham Horrory LCG and planning to experiment a little with the new L5R.

I like Doomtown as it feels a bit less abstract than some other games and marries theme/mechanics well, which Arkham manages well too.


I just picked up hundreds of cards from 7th Sea, so I’ll be learning that one in the near future!

I also greatly enjoy keeping up with the MTG train (digitally, not really in paper), and I’ve collected and enjoyed AGOT 2nd ed, and Arkham Horror TCG. I also have a few starter packs from the L5R under AEGs reign and I’ve enjoyed playing through those.

I played Magic as well, but got out of it around Urza’s, when it became “(s)he who gets their combo off first, wins,” which isn’t my jam in CCGs.

I find it really neat that there’s a lot of crossover here between Doomtown and 7th Sea. I’ve never played 7th Sea, and I don’t know that it was ever popular in my playgroup (we stuck to Doomtown, Shadowfist, and a bit of L5R). Maybe I’ll scope it out.

android netrunner, a game of thrones 2.0, legend of the five rings lcg, and arkham horror. all are great, all i love.

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Doomtown: Reloaded is the only “active” card game for me atm. Then i play some “dead” ones like:

Legend of the Five Rings CCG (mostly online)
Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG (which got second life with fanmade Cycle and Deluxe expansion)
The Spoils (as it’s crazy fun MtG clone)

Rarely i got occassion to play some 7th Sea, Legend of the Burning Sands, Dark Eden and WARS (Decipher).

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Oh man! I have a small box of LBS, and I’ve been trying, for ages to track down more Burning Sands. Did you know that it was basically re-implemented in Romance of the Nine Empires, a very short-lived AEG LCG?

Go Fish
Gin Rummy
Rummy 500
Bull Sht
Rat Sh
Killer (aka “Viet” or “13” and other variants)
Crazy 8s
and two magic tricks “The 3 Jack Heist” and “Say Stop and Shuffle”