Out for Blood: Deck List Examples

With GenCon on the horizon as our last major round-up before the big shebang in Tombstone, we wanted to provide a couple example lists for each faction that has been used so far in the other Jonah Series and Twilight Protocol Events or from some local scenes to give new and existing players some ideas in how to incorporate the new cards.

Taking down wins at both ChupaCabracon and Origins, we see the evolution of the Dead Man’s Hand deck (making great use out of the new Fleet-Footed card) that has been viable for some time out of this faction as well as Blessed finally coming into their own:

Faster On Your Feet: Jonah’s Agenda Origins Winner

Texas Ghost Bomber: Twilight Protocol Act II Ranger Winner

First Peoples
With the Sidekicks theme growing we see an example of how the Eagle Wardens can take advantage of horses. With up to Too Tough to Die we see an example of a new Token deck

Euro Wardens: Edinburgh Jonah’s Alliance and Eagle Cavalry: Hunting Ground Series

Token Hustle: Hunting Ground Series

Morgan Regulators remains a strong home and we see the new Smith & Robards gadgets in action

Morgan Regulators: Jonah’s Alliance Runner-Up

Straight Flush Gadget Manipulation: Jonah’s Alliance

A look at the evolution of the Fourth Ring control (who knew Blood Curse wasn’t necessary?) and the new Bayou Vermilion Railroad

The Fourth Ring: Jonah’s Alliance Badge Winner

All Aboard the Freak Train!

Law Dogs
With the new Fort 51 home we went and included it in one of the Starter Decks now available at DriveThru. Arsenal is now coming into its own as well, having gone from a seldom used outfit to a powerful one.

Law Dogs Starter: A Slight Modification

Arsenal IS Forced Conflict: Twilight Protocol Act I Agency Winner

Sluckster return with the new Jonah’s Alliance and introduction of the Doc Holliday Legend and a theme deck to celebrate Jonah Essex moving to Deadwood!

Dawn: Jonah’s Agenda Origins Runner-Up

Jonah’s Night on the Town: Edinburgh Protection Racket

Feel free to respond with more lists for the community to take a gander at!

Out for Blood will be available at GenCon, is available at peginc.com, and will be in stores this September! Advise your FLGS to contact Studio 2 Publishing and Pinnacle Entertainment Group for distribution!


As noted on Facebook, encouraged to see a range of factions doing well and a breadth of style within each faction too. As ever, keen to hear what is/isn’t working for people, or themes people are interested in but don’t feel quite there yet. :slight_smile:

The Arsenal winning an event, Fearmongers using High Value Hexes but not Blood Curse, some more interactive First People Cavalry decks and many more!

The Euro 2019 Marshal deck has been well circulated, but here it is in case anyone missed it. Good example of being able to adjust starting posses for different match-ups and having options to counter a strong deck type (Calling the Cavalry) in the environment: Edinburgh 1st place - Fearmongers · DoomtownDB. :thumbsup: