Outfit Logos

Hi any chance of getting outfit logo images I can use for promotion of my Doomtown Reloaded game events and for making some custom prizes for participants?Cheers

@Lapp from Pinebox normally helps people out with this kind of thing but I think he might still be on holiday.

The artist responsible for many of the homes has good images on his website, but I’ll confess I’m not sure about the legal rights regarding using images etc. Outside my skill set. :blush:

https://robinwouters.carbonmade.com/projects/4109894 - scroll to the bottom for good images of many Doomtown outfits

Hope this helps and sorry if misunderstood the request. Good luck promoting your event. :slight_smile:

Edit: the artist used to sell playmats, but the page is down. I found an old screenshot in case you want to try the supplied email address. :slight_smile: http://i.imgur.com/zL4dlTq.jpg

FWIW - Robin Wouters has peaced out.
And Pine Box does respect artist rights -e.g. it is verboten to use images without artist permission.

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Thanks for the replies and I don’t wish to infringe any artists just make some posters and maybe some 3d tokens with the outfit logos to give away to promote the game in my local community. Would be easiest to have some b/w images of the outfit logos to use as a starting point for relief on token if they are available.

You may not be looking for anything but exactly what you describe. But here are some images of some cool prizes which we still use today (The Chips front/back not the mat).

Courtesy Barry Figgins with Lyris Laser Studio!