Outlaw Series 2017

[Outlaw Series 2017 Update]

Howdy folks, hope everyone has been enjoying the final AEG Sheriff season of our beloved game. Just wanted to post another update to follow up on our Outlaw Series plans!

First and foremost, we’re working on the application process. While we certainly don’t want to deny anyone a chance at hosting said event, any applicants in regions close to one another will be put in contact to discuss the potential overlap so we don’t have too many throwdowns in the same area, but they’ll definitely be lead to sling in more arenas this time around!

We’ve got something real special planned for these events. Not just the usual shinies, but a prize we hope all Doomies wandering the deadlands will appreciate, being awarded for not just the winner, but all participants. These events will also give TOs a chance to try out brand new floor rules. More to follow!

Lastly, we’re cooking up quite the shindig for you folks at the final Outlaw Series tournament next year, held in Kansas City, MO. While those details have to remain hidden in the pine box for now, it’s something DT fans will not want to miss! I hope to see you all out there!



Just curious, our playgroup is kinda small but we want to bid goodbye the game with a bang(heh), do you have an stimated price of the prize support?

The 2016 Outlaw Series had a base cost, with TOs having the ability to modify the kit to increase additional prize support. For example, the Atlantic City Outlaw event was $75, which included an upgrade on the main prize mug and extra whisky glasses. Additional costs for shipping were applied to overseas events. Once we get things going I’ll verify the minimal cost for everyone. We’d be happy to have you apply!

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