Overclocking QUATERMAN, for Great (Frontier) Justice!

So, everyone’s favorite robot has some new tricks with this saddlebag, specifically:

Recursive Motion Machine and Fancy New Hat

The first gets rid of that pesky upkeep cost. The second lets him start taking over deeds (without needing to fix him up a suit from Yan Li’s Tailoring each turn).

Unfortunately, RMM is in the same slot as Holy Wheel Gun…one of my favorite gadgets.

Anyone have any thoughts on if HWG should drop out, go to 2 of in a deck, or just leave RMM out all together?

Depends on the rest of your deck. If you’re making use of Force Fields or Flamethrowers, then RMM has more synergy than the upkeep save. If not, then stick with HWG I’d say.

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I’ve avoided Flamethrowers so far, mostly due to the difficulty being a little higher than I’d like. I do have two force-fields though, which I’m planning on using more to toss on expendables.

I also love that I could throw an RMM on a random dude, then use it to fuel up someone else’s gadgets.

Yep, that’s the concept. A random shooter can hold on to it until you make some Quatermans and it’s useful on its own.

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It might not be a popular gadget, but RMM can also pay for a Ballot Counter to make it tougher for your opponent to take a deed back from a hat-wearing Quaterman


Also, you can stack RMM on a single dude. Making a Force Fielding shooter pretty formidable if you’re not running Unprep and they have some Sidekicks or other support.


Stop giving them ideas deebs.

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Don’t forget to add Prayer + Shield of Faith for maxximum value!

Don’t forget Mechanical Horses! It almost-kinda-basically reduces the cost of the first ability down to 1GR.