Paralysis Row

A revised version of my Pestilence Row build, inspired by a recent clown control tournament winning list.

Paralysis Row

Desolation Row (Faith and Fear)

Dude (18)

Deed (10)

Goods (4)

Spell (12)

Action (8)

Cards up to Dirty Deeds

Decklist published on DoomtownDB.

I’m still unsure of a lot, especially my starting dudes especially. Miranda Clarke, Jacquelin Isham and José Morales are all attractive choice (amongst others).

What do we think?

@Benni tried a deck like this… What was your experinece Benni?

I tried it briefly during the sheriff season, so a lot of cards have been added since then. In short I concluded (without playing a lot of games with the build mind you…) that if I wanna play hex control, 4R just does it better.
I ended up playing a 5-7-8 build, focusing more on controlling shootouts, via pistol whip, paralysis mark, kidnappin’, pintos and stuff like that. It was very fun to play and I blame unlucky cards draws for not winning more games in tournament :wink:


My concept here was to abuse the power of Paralysis Mark and Blood Curse in order to have strong games against most decks (though probably not as strong as normal clown control) but to be able to beat the clowns at their own game when I come across them.

Do you have a 578 list? I was messing with one this morning.
Tbh, I’m not sure this is the exact list I ended up playing, but close. I wanted a list that included useful spells but wasn’t dependent on them. I would say that both pistol whip and kidnappin’ where more important to secure wins, but that is prolly also very meta dependent.

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I’ve been trying a very all-in approach recently Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB it shares a lot of similarities. Alice Stowe is great at running the Desolation Row job.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend all starting ghost rock and production. If you lose lowball, you must discard a dude that has upkeep. Also, why do you find Alice great for running DR, over Pancho?

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I do, why’s that? I assumed at 3 total upkeep per turn I would just break even (3 in 3 out). Have I been playing this wrong?

Alice is great for the job because she can still join shootouts once she’s booted, so you don’t lose her for the turn once you’ve made your money. Just use Makaio to spread the bounty around, then camp your dudes with influence on one of their deeds. If they call you out it’s Alice (and Angélica) to the rescue.

Depends on your playstyle/strategy really. I think early on it can be risky - if your Des Row job fails you’re not getting any income that turn, which can lead to your being hand full of cards you can’t play.

Indeed that’s what I was going for. I think jayjester was saying I’d have to discard someone if I didn’t win lowball?

You probably can’t see it because is down but, but I start with Alice Stowe, Willa May, Angélica Espinosa, Makaio and Maria Kingsford. I run the job with the first two, and Angélica can join if needed, so I’m usually unopposed for the first 2 turns or so.

If you spend all your starting ghost rock on your posse, you’ll need to borrow from the bank for the first lowball ante. If you lose lowball then you need to repay that ghost rock from your 3 production (so you’ve effectively got 2 production that turn). If you’ve got 3 upkeep, then you’ll have to discard one of your dudes with upkeep so you can pay back the bank.

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I never realised I had to repay the bank when borrowing for lowball. This changes everything…

Or maybe I could just drop Willa?

Right well I’ve got 2 modified lists now, one built around 5-7-8 and one around 8-10-Q.

Still work in progress, and there are elements of each that could work well in the other, potentially.