PAX Unplugged Pine Box Schedule: December 5-8, 2019

The following is the schedule for Pine Box Entertainment for PAX Unplugged, our final convention of the year!

Our Demo Table will be located in Hall C! Swing by for an advance look at our next game, My Little Demon: The Unglittering! We’ll be set up with Heel Turn Games, featuring Radiant Offline Battle Arena, which will be demoed along with Doomtown!

Be sure to swing by the Pinnacle Entertainment Group Savage Worlds Demo Table in the RPG Freeplay Hall to check Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, the system for the Deadlands roleplaying game, the setting for Doomtown!

Thursday Social: Brawl Crawl w/Tanuki Society: Pine Box Entertainment joins the Philadelphia Tanuki Society Gaming Club on a crawl through the city where we’ll play various games and join others in the industry for a Pre-PAX Unplugged night of gaming! Time and locations to follow as we get closer to the event date. (Tentative is Philadelphia Distilling, Kurant Cider, and Roy Pitz Brewing)

Friday @12pm-2:30pm: Doomtown Casual & Beginners Tourney: Pine Box Entertainment welcomes you to PAX Unplugged 2019 for an open play / learn to play environment for players new and old to the land of the Weird West in the world of Deadlands. Please join our great community for a few rounds of casual play or learn to play Doomtown for the first time! All players will receive promotional items for participation! Registration for this event will open at 9AM on Friday, Dec 6th, at the Carolina Game Tables booth in the Expo Hall.

Friday Social: After Hours Roy Pitz Barrel House w/Tanuki Society @8pm: After the hall closes come join us for a look at Doomtown, My Little Demon: The Unglittering, and meet the Pine Box team!
Location 990 Spring Garden Street

Saturday @12pm-6pm: Doomtown Somethin’ About Some Bullets: Join Pine Box Entertainment for the final major round-up of 2019 as we epilogue the events that took place at our major Destination Event in Tombstone on October 26, 2019. The players participating will make votes that effect the posse that takes on the perilous journey to hunt down Stone and travel Back East to Gettysburg! Help shape the Doomtown fiction itself as the winner makes the ultimate decision that effects the heroes hunting the relics necessary to take down the Deadly Drifter! Registration for this event will open at 9AM on Friday, December 6th, at the Carolina Game Tables booth in the Expo Hall.

Saturday @7pm RPG Room: Savage Saturday Night: Join the Delaware Valley Savages for a night of roleplaying all things Savage Worlds as Savage Saturday Night makes it’s debut at PAX Unplugged!

Sunday: Project X Presentation @12pm: Pine Box Demo Table (Hall C) and Freeplay Area: Starting at High Noon Pine Box will show off it’s latest upcoming project to PAX Unplugged attendees!

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Hall C map for demo table (bottom right)

Anyone interested in sharing a hotel room for friday/saturday nights? There’s a small chance I can get a pretty cheap flight out there, so I’m currently considering this!


Hope you can join us! Emre, Scott, Heidi, Christine and myself will be there repping PBE!

Please note the Friday Social is moved to Roy Pitz

Questions for the main event that players are voting on will be posted after the Tombstone fiction goes live this week!

For anyone looking to meet up for drinks and MTG with the creator of the Brawl format here’s the schedule from Tanuki Society. Pine Box Entertainment will be present with their games as well

Thursday, December 5
25 E Allen St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

8:00 Kurant Cidery
436 E Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

9:00 Evil Genius Beer Lab
1727 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

10:00pm Roy Pitz Barrel House
990 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

For anyone who can’t stay out late but is still excited to spend time at the fantastic Roy Pitz, a social event will be held there the next day.

PAX Unplugged begins today!

Take a gander at the latest fiction, reflecting the events at Tombstone!

Next week, all Deputy level pledges on the Patreon will vote on whether or note Wendy will stay and represent the law in Tombstone or seek vengeance against Stone, starting in a trip back east as presented in the votes determined by players at PAX tomorrow!

Questions that will be answered include:

  1. Posse formation in going after Stone’s secret
  2. What Sloane member joined the Laughing Men Gang and will be struck down by our heroes?
  3. What fearmonger is tracking the heroes to Gettysburgh?
  4. What does the Morgana Effect change in a major way for the Doomtown cast?
  5. How does Outang eliminate the abomination before them?

This features four rounds of swiss as the winner chooses a character to be experienced and featured in Doomtown as the story continues past Tombstone and coincides with our new travels to Deadwood!

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Voting results!

  1. Nathan Shane, Quaterman, Postatron
  2. Milt Clemons
  3. Ghostly Gun and Absalom Hotchkiss
  4. Eureka never died!
  5. Leads the abomination into a train (results in an upcoming goods card)


Winning decklist!


Sunday Project X display