Hey gang.

I have a playgroup buddy who is moving to Pennsylvania next week, and I remember meeting a player at Gencon who was from there. Is there a group out there that is still active that my buddy could recruit to?

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Philly and eastern Pennsylvania closely align with Jersey - so what part of the state is he going to?
You were thinking of Joe Mencarini.

I think this is me we’re talking about! I’m heading to Pittsburgh… Philadelphia’s a little far away. Eastern Ohio though?

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I’m in Pittsburgh but very new to the game (only played 3 games with my wife using mysticpickle’s teachin’ decks so far…and she trounced me as Sloane in every one by day 2 or 3, haha). Hoping to continue to learn the game and get caught up on expansions over the next few months.


Hey, that’s great! I’d be happy to play / teach / spar / whatever if you’re interested. I’m not the most competitive of players.

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You find a group?

Nope… I’ve been spending most of my time getting used to my new city and job though, so I haven’t really tried in earnest.

Blast ! !

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