Pine box 3 : GHOST TOWN

Sooooo badass


yeah, wow, the art is really cool!

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I believe it is PB3 :).

Interesting, Immovable Object Unstoppable Force had 162 cards, The Light Shineth had 149 cards, and Ghost Town going to have 158 cards. Take away outfits, tokens, and jokers, those two sets had 38 and 36 new cards respectively.

158 isn’t divisible by four, so we’re going to have at least 2 cards fall into outfit/jokers territory. So it could be a new pair of jokers, or it could be a new outfit for every faction. Exciting :slight_smile:

Tx, I’ve modified

I am new to Doomtown: Reloaded—even came to classic just after it officially ended—so I have been doing some browsing on the Internet to learn more and catch up, and saw the Doomtown Future Squad’s ideas for a “Ghost Town.” Is this inspired by that?

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I guess the 2 extra cards are outfits for Bandits and Wardens to catch up with the original factions. But Jokers would be great, too.

I am new to DT:R, but looking on the AEG site, wouldn’t this be the 4th Pine Box? 1:Faith and Fear, 2: Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force and 3: The Light Shineth? Or am I missing something and going to end up looking a tad foolish? :smile:

I think IOUF technically counted as an out of order “faction box” to add the wardens and bandits instead of a normal “pine box” :wink:

Ah, fair enough. I did think I may have been wrong. Haha. I’m new… That’s my excuse :smiley:

NP, welcome to town! (before it becomes a Ghost Town…) :wink:

Also maybe cu on OCTGN if your timezone happens to correlate with Europe… ^^

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Aha…I see what you did there!! You might see me on OCTGN. I just have to work out how to work it! haha :smiley:

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