Pine Box Entertainment at Gamehole Con Oct. 20th - Oct. 23rd, 2022

Pine Box will be at Gamehole Con this October during the launch of the 7th Sea Kickstarter!

Oct. 20th - Oct. 23rd, 2022 (
Alliant Energy Center
Exhibition Hall
Madison, Wisconsin

Friday High Noon
7th Sea Event (Gamehole Con - Event Details - 7th Sea: City of Five Sails First Look)
Get a glance at the 7th Sea: City of Five Sails game that will be running on Kickstarter during GameHoleCon! Pine Box Entertainment is proud to announce the development of a new experience for 7th Sea fans in the form of a hybrid card game/board. Their Leader and Crew, along with hired mercenaries will battle and duel over three Locations with the city. Throughout the game, they must use Influence, Brawn, and Finesse to outmaneuver and defeat their opponent. If you don’t make it in this slot feel free to come by the demo table at any time to check out the game!

Saturday High Noon
Doomtown Event (Gamehole Con - Event Details - Doomtown High Noon Showdown Storyline Round-Up!)
Join Pine Box Entertainment for their first year at GameHoleCon! Players attending this event will receive brand new promotional cards from 2022 and have a chance to influence the ongoing Deadwood storyline! Doomtown is set in the Weird West of the legendary Deadlands setting. Players control one of six unique factions: they fight for dominance, sling lead, and cast spells in town and beyond.


We will also be looking to join the local Doomtown community offsite with games at the High Noon Saloon!


Event Results votes from players
Farnum’s Consortium and their strongarm tactics to deal with competition prompt one business owner to take a stand and support the Anarchists. But what business do they run?

No 10 Saloon

  1. Bass Reeves will be going on a mission into Sioux territory, which of the Eagle Wardens currently in Deadwood will assist him? One of: Mazatl, Lydia Bear-Hands, The Mixer, Enapay.


  1. As darkness encroaches on the town of Deadwood, the rattler-worshipping Worm Cult seek sacrifices for their gods. Which of the following dudes is their target? One of Yasmin Tian, Arthur Dingler, Sifting Squirrel.

Dingler gonna get it

Winner names the playtest card (Poultry Geist) as Lu Feng

Art for Lu Feng, featured in the upcoming Debt of Blood expansion