Pine Box Entertainment is now on Patreon!

Hello Patreon!
We’re excited to join countless other creators in building a community to make dreams become reality. This has been in the works for a while now. Despite our nervous anticipation, we can’t wait to get the ball rolling. We view Patreon as a versatile platform that supplements the work we already do. Right off the bat, Patrons can expect:

  • Patron exclusive Doomtown event promo starting delivery at PAX Unplugged!
  • Early preview of Doomtown fiction.
  • Patron Story Poll for Doomtown!
  • Sneak preview of the world of Backwater with fiction from creator Alex Wirges.
  • Previews of artist David Hammond’s gripping character art for Backwater.
    And more!

It’s important to clarify that we will not lock any lore or fiction behind a pay wall. If it appears on Patreon, it is early access, and will eventually appear on Pine Box Entertainment’s site. Our goal remains to tell stories that derive from organized events and the community at large, whether it premieres on Patreon or via PBE’s web site.

To that end we will introduce a Player Poll for Doomtown. This allows players who can’t travel to big events to have a way to impact the stories they hold dear.

Finally, we’ve launched a Pine Box Entertainment Discord. This is not a replacement for the ever popular Doomtown discord run by our good friend Blaarg. It is instead a way to discuss Pine Box Entertainment’s overall vision along with current and planned projects. Members of the PBE team will be active and available to interact with.

On behalf of all of us at Pine Box Entertainment , we look forward to sharing our future with you.

Alex Wirges, Creative Director
Pine Box Entertainment