Pine Box @GAME HOLE CON X: October 19th - 22nd, 2023

Register at
Alliant Energy Center, Exhibition Hall
Madison, WI

Pine Box Social:
Stay tuned for details on an outing to New Glarus Brewing.

7th Sea: City of Five Sails Storyline Salon Tournament
Start Date & Time Saturday - 10:00 AM CST
Location Mendota 7 - 187 - 188, Room A
Cost $14.00
Dock at the port of Five Sails and join PBE in celebrating its latest release, a new card game set in the world of the 7th Sea roleplaying game. Launching at Gen Con and available at Gamehole Con, 7th Sea is an expandable card game where players engage on 1:1 duels to vie for control of the most interesting city in Theah.

Doomtown Weird West Edition Sheriff Badge Tournament
Start Date & Time Sunday - 11:00 AM CST
Location Mendota 7 - 187-188, Room A
Gaming Experience Newcomers Welcome
Cost $10.00
Join Pine Box Entertainment in celebration of a new edition of Doomtown and return of the Badge Series! The victor of this round-up will receive the Sheriff Badge prize and work with the Design team on updating a card from the Reloaded era of the game to bring it into Weird West Edition in a future release. All participants will receive promotional cards and will participate in choices that will effect the ongoing storyline and future cards being released for the game.


Please note the PBE Team will be celebrating this convention with spending majority of the time with the community and thus will not be at a set table.

We are looking at providing product through Noble Knight Games in the vendor hall and feel free to reach out on Discord for any specific product requests. We’ll be routinely posting our whereabouts there for community meetups.