Pine Box @Gencon 50: Your Guide to Events!

Howdy partners, featured here is the list of all known Doomtown Classic and Doomtown: Reloaded events to look forward to this August! Please respond with any questions you may have and we hope to see you there!

Pine Box Meet & Greet Social: Wed, Aug 16, 3pm-7pm @Kilroy’s Indianapolis
(Pine Box: Meet & Greet Social)
Celebrating GenCon 50 early? Come on out and chat with the Pine Box crew! We’ll be answering your questions and having some impromptu games with our compadres from the UK. All are welcome to attend and receive the first Servitor promo card in this casual event!

3rd Annual Hog Killin’ Time & Bike Rally: Wed, Aug 16, 7pm-11pm @Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
(3rd Annual Hog Killin' Time & Bike Rally)
The Gomorra Gazette hosts this meet n greet for Gomorra’s denizens and drifters alike. Bring a Bicycle deck for this annual Doomtown: Reloaded multi-player casual event, featuring new promos!

Partners for a Day: Thu, Aug 17, 6pm @GenCon CGM Hall
(Gen Con | Gen Con Indy 2024)
A large multiplayer game. You will have a random partner for a day. You & your partner must be able to control a random location when the turns ends.

Doomtown Reloaded: Evil Is A Choice: Fri, Aug 18, 10am @GenCon CGM Hall
Event Registration: 9am-10am
(Gen Con | Gen Con Indy 2024) (Doomtown Reloaded: Evil Is A Choice)
Celebrating the game’s continuation, each player is required to use 1 of the Servitors (provided) included in the upcoming Tales from the Epitaph expansion.
Doomtown: Reloaded’s next expansion, Tales From the Epitaph, will feature a new card type: Legends. These Legends are the four Servitors of Deadlands lore. Each Servitor will have an alternate promotional card available from PBE’s Gencon 50 events. The winner of this event will have the option to choose the name of a Legend that will appear in an upcoming release! Learn strategies for playing these Legends at

Doomtown: Carter’s Classic: Fri, Aug 18, 6pm @GenCon CGM Hall
(Gen Con | Gen Con Indy 2024) (Doomtown: Carter's Classic)
We are honored to take the reigns & continue the tournament hosted by Richard Carter! Saddle up pardners, & prepare for a return to the Gomorra of yesteryear!
This year’s format is Derringer, which follows normal deck construction rules, but each player can only have 1 of any given card in their deck. Co-hosted by Harrowed Entertainment Group which continues to provide support for the original version of the game.

Doomtown Reloaded: 2017 World Championship: Sat, Aug 19, 12pm @GenCon CGM Hall
Event Registration: 11am-12pm
(Gen Con | Gen Con Indy 2024) (Doomtown Reloaded: 2017 World Championship)
Doomtown Reloaded continues the tradition of the Marshal event as we move to the 2017 World Championship. The winner of this event, following the previous years, will work with design to create a card that will appear in an upcoming release. The rulebook, floor rules, errata, and FAQ can all be found at

Range Wars: Tsubasa and O’s Casual Call Out: Sat, Aug 19, 11pm @Hilton Downtown
12th Floor meeting room
(Range Wars: Tsubasa and O's Casual Call Out!)
Join us for our an after tourney celebration as David Orange continues the success of last year’s Outlaw Call Out; open play with a twist. Challenge the very finest in this Summer’s event series in a casual format, joined by Jenny Langley, serving up some faction themed elixirs!


Thanks for the handy guide! I’m aiming to be around on Wednesday for one/both of the events on that day, but don’t have a Facebook login to confirm my attendance.

How do the tournament timings work? For example, the World Championships begin at 12pm on Saturday - does this mean registration is from 11am to 12pm and that we actually need to be there an hour earlier? Or does registration run from 12pm to 1pm? I had a look on Facebook and the GenCon events page and couldn’t find these details, which may well be user error on my part. :blush:

Thanks for any help - this is my first time at GenCon and I’m trying to see what I can fit in while still trying to remember the wise (Wisely?) advice I’ve had from some not to overdo things! :slight_smile:

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No problem, for the World Championship and Evil Is A Choice event, we will be present at least one hour early to begin registration.

Wednesday afternoon should be a good time, Wisely and I are going to finally get in our post Marshal game overdue from last year.

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Thanks - just so I’m clear, is registration 12pm to 1pm or is that when the first round starts? Sorry for not phrasing things more precisely previously.

No worries I’m going to update it, time listed is start time of round 1, so registration for World Championship is 11am and Evil Is 9am.

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Cheers, that is very clear. I was perhaps being a little hard of understanding. :blush:

Thanks for your patience.

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Updated for time of Saturday night event and registration time for the 2 competitive events!

Really excited for the “Partners for a Day” team game. Whut!?!


I’m available as a prom date :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s more of a “speed dating” kind of thing…

I’m there! What does it take to set up an event? I’d like to try the six-shooter format we talked about last year — not necessarily as an event, I admit.

The Partners for a day (fan hosted), Evil Is A Choice, World Championship, and the Classic event are ticketed GenCon events. The Wednesday afternoon/evening and Saturday evening casual events would be perfect to try out Revolver! We wanted to add these events as a focus on having a casual environment and are not ticketed; feel free to stop in whenever (even if its just for the promo). If you’d like us to add another event you want to host let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

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At KublaCon 2012, we did a revolver event for Classic that also featured set restrictions and different decktypes that was insane. I’d suggest a DTR revolver simply require 6 different outfits and leave it at that.

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Looking at this year’s Gencon schedule, I think there is events every single durn night.

And so, that would make me hesitate to attempt to do another casual event - especially one so prep-intensive as Revolver (6 decks!)

So, I guess I am looking forward to maybe Gencon-51 to host such an event.

Unless I missed something!?

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Correct! We wanted to make sure there was something every evening and had planned to take Thursday off, but ended up with a fan event then too!

Hmm. I’ve never played Doomtown Classic and have no interest in those events, but I guess most of the audience would overlap, yeah. What’s Revolver? Does it mandate that all six decks be affiliated with different factions?

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I would call this Faction Revolver.

And in my opinion, would be the “best” way to do Revolver in DTR because there are exactly six factions.

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As an update , the ticketed events are located at:

Hall C, Red 17-24

In non-Doomtown news, more tickets for the Arkham Horror LCG Labyrinths of Luncacy event were just released for 9am on Saturday (17 left at the time of writing) and Sunday (29 left at the time of writing). I’ve grabbed a Sunday ticket, let me know if there are any other Doomtown types taking part on Sunday. :slight_smile:

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