Pine Box @PAX Unplugged: Dec 2-4, 2022

7th Sea City of Five Sails Introduction to Salons
December 2, Friday @10:30am-12:30pm (Player Maximum: 32)
In a game of swashbuckling and area control in a player driven storyline, players will choose a faction competing over the City of Five Sails in this evolving card game set in the world of the 7th Sea tabletop RPG.
This event is for casual players looking to be introduced into the organized play elements for 7th Sea: City of Five Sails by engaging in a sample tournament round followed by casual play. Pine Box Entertainment staff will be on hand to explain the evolving progress of how 7th Sea will be influenced by you, the players. Event registration is at the PBE booth in the tournament hall area.

Doomtown Constable Badge Starter Deck Tournament: The Reckoners Storyline Event
December 2, Friday @1pm-7pm (Player maximum: 32)
Join Pine Box Entertainment for the final badge event of 2022 with the brand new Doomtown: Weird West Edition starter decks! Each player will use one of these decks in the event. All players will have the opportunity to influence the ongoing Doomtown storyline in an event focused on the struggle of the heroes of the Deadlands role-playing game against the Servitors of the evil Reckoners. Event registration is at the PBE booth in the tournament hall area.

7th Sea City of Five Sails Starter Deck Tournament: Name A Card Event
December 3, Saturday, 10:30am-6:30pm (Player maximum: 32)
Swashbuckle your way to power in the latest game by Pine Box Entertainment based on the 7th Sea roleplaying game on Kickstarter October 11, 2022. This event will use starter decks provided to all attendees containing cards releasing in 7th Sea: City of Five Sails. As a thank you for the upcoming Kickstarter, entry fee is free for all backers. Late backers can join via Pledge Manager on site at PAX Unplugged. Event registration is at the PBE booth in the tournament hall area. There will be a lunch break during this event.

7th Sea AEG Card Game: Retro Original CCG Tournament
December 4, Sunday, 10am-3pm (Player maximum: 16)
A throwback tournament celebrating the release of the 7th Sea City of Five Sails card game. This original 7th Sea is a game of high seas swashbuckling and ship-to-ship combat. This event will run 4 rounds plus a final confrontation round. Format: All AEG cards thru Parting Shot Plus 3 printable cards included from the upcoming fan set will be legal. Kheired-Din will be errata’d to 7 Starting Wealth for this event Proxies permitted and additional decks available to lend for anyone interested. All expansions through Parting Shot, released in 2002, will be legal for this event.

Doomtown Weird West Throwdown
December 4, Sunday, 10am-3pm (Player maximum: 16)
Join Doomtown players for swiss rounds only to receive prizes from new and original organized play kits. New to Doomtown? Join us in this expandable card game set in the Weird West of Pinnacle Entertainment’s legendary Deadlands setting. Players control one of six unique factions: they fight for dominance, sling lead, and cast spells in town and beyond. Each player builds locations in the town and fights for overall control. Players resolve certain in-game situations with a hand of poker, accentuating the Old West atmosphere of the game.

7th Sea/Doomtown Multiplayer Round-Ups (Player maximum: 32)
December 4, Sunday, 3pm-6pm
Join 7th Sea and Doomtown players in a wrap up at the end of PAX Unplugged to participate in multi-player variants from either game. In the Weird West game of Doomtown players will have the option to engage in the new 2v1 boss battle scenarios or new victory point options for general multiplayer in the game of Doomtown. For 7th Sea, come check out the new 7th Sea: City of Five Sails game of swashbuckling set in Theah’s most interesting city and see the multiplayer variant.

Additional Menu
Costume Contest: We will be holding a costume contest for Doomtown and 7th Sea for additional promos and prizes! Come dressed in your best thematic attire, as the PBE staff will be as well!
Pine Box Social: TBD Love Brewing/Memphis Taproom after the events.


This will be my first PAX, and 7SFS is what reeled me in. Looking forward to meeting everyone!




For the old 7th Sea CCG players on Sunday:

Cabora’s Coast is legal for this. We have a few physical card sets available, will bring some print outs, or people can find the PDF to print the cards themselves here:


Thread updated to note the Costume Contest and Social


We have some pretty rare items for PAX Unplugged we’re bringing out. Wendy mat, Jackson’s Strike mat, Sloane & Fearmonger tins, promo Pistol Whips, etc
Bringing back bottle caps
Main event Friday, Side events Saturday
Dress up, prizes for cosplay!

Note you do not need a deck for the main event: this is a sealed deck skill competition!

Promo and mat debuting at PAX U

Reminder vaccinations and masks required for the convention

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Complete updated list post Gen Con for PAX Unplugged
1x, Siren’s Scream
1x, Vladislav Novikoff
1x, Sigurd Ulfsen
1x, Angeline “La Bouchère” Dèmone
1x, Guild Triskelion
1x, Giacinto
1x, Captain’s Coat
1x, Syrneth Hand
1x, Leja Juska*

1x, “The Don” Constanzo Scarpa
1x, Marooned
1x, Buratino
2x, Stiletto
2x, Fate’s Burden
2x, Pack Tactics
2x, Boon
2x, Not Today
2x, The Pressure is On
2x, Objection!

1x, Kaspar Dietrich
1x, Otto Streit
1x, Terrell Brandt
1x, Uwe Zimmerman
1x, Filling The Ranks
2x, Press the Advantage
2x, Iron Reply
2x, Fight Through the Pain
2x, Answering the Call
2x, Improvised Weapon
2x, Not Today
1x, Armed and Marshaled*

1x, Réputation Méritée
1x, Bastien Girard
2x, Disarm
2x, A Heroic End
1x, Porte Travel
2x, Not Today
Gallant Deeds*

1x, Soline el Gato
1x, Maya de La Rioja
2x, Unfortunate
1x, Adaptable
2x, Robbery
2x, Revelry
2x, Taunt
1x, Hidden Corridors
2x, Not Today
1x, Improvising*

1x, Yevgeni the Boar
2x, Mireli Sabre
1x, Iron and Velvet
2x, Matushka’s Command
1x, Sunder
2x, Mireli’s Revision
2x, Improvised Weapon
2x, Boon

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Next year the story team will be digging further into the deadly goings-on in the Black Hills around the town of Deadwood. But we haven’t forgotten about where Doomtown came from. Occasionally we’ll also be looking back at what’s going on in Gomorra. One thing that’s happening is that Rafi Hamid will be returning to the town in which he died.

The high falutin’ U.S. Marshal first arrived in Gomorra on a mission to civilize the town, but after the mayoral elections didn’t quite go to plan Gomorra ended up with Nicodemus Whateley in charge. Rafi signed on as Nico’s assistant, but the cunning Huckster used his hexes to make Rafi his Puppeted slave and sent him out to do his dirty work. Rafi met an untimely end during the attack of Ivor Hawley’s Blighted, where he was infected with the disease and then stabbed in the heart as part of a ritual by Nicodemus to help him fight against the zombie-like creatures. Rafi’s story didn’t end there though, as he later rose from the grave Harrowed, and joined a posse of Gomorra’s finest who hunted the fearsome Jasper Stone across the weird west and thwarted his plans.

Upon hearing word of the resurgent Sloane Gang terrorizing the town, Rafi has returned out of a sense of duty to complete his original mission. Or is it the influence of the demonic whispers in his head urging him to enact vengeance upon Nicodemus Whateley?

Luckily for Rafi, he’s got Coot Jenkins’ elixir to keep his demon at bay. However, Gomorra is the kind of place where such plans survive about as long as Elmore Rhine did…

Round 1
Who steals Rafi’s bag containing the elixir?

Miranda Clarke: The blonde bombshell second-in-command of the new Sloane Gang.

Benjamin Washington: The child pickpocket who’s friends with the local Kung Fu gang.

Henry Moran: The hopeless drunk, desperate and down on his luck.

Dr. Dawn Edwards: Gomorra’s answer to Doctor Jekyll.

Round 2
What do they do with the elixir?

Keep it

Sell it

Drink it

Rafi Hamid isn’t the only character about to encounter some trouble. Strange creatures lurk beneath the waves of The Great Maze around Gomorra. The Weird West Edition is finally on a boat, and so is one of the following dudes, though they are in far more dangerous waters.

Round 3
Who’s on a boat?

Steele Archer: The cardsharp huckster with plenty of friends in low places

Androcles Brocklehurst: The chicken-loving lawyer

Clementine Lepp: The hardy barmaid who runs Charlie’s Place

Olivia Jenks: The schoolmarm who’s a mean shot

The Winner
Does the dude chosen in round 3 survive their trip?

Results: Benjamin Washington steals the bag, sells the elixir, and Steele Archer perishes on the boat

Congratulations to Laura Scott, Constable Badge winner with Outlaws!