Pinnacle GenCon Discussion and Dr. Darius Hellstromme Spoiler

As Pinnacle features the fullbleed version of the card, which will be provided at GenCon, here is the version being released in Tales From the Epitaph. Enjoy!


Well I was already testing a Yagn’s-Hydro-Puncher deck out with Stone, it will be nice to get 1gr back in my starting stash.

As a quick question, if 2 dudes have Gadget Weapons, can I boot a Gadget Weapon and give the CP to a different dude? Say Nicholas Kramer boots his Yagn’s, can I give the CP to Buckin’ Billy Ballard (who may not want to boot his Yagn’s at this time)?

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Yes you may!

In that case I just want to give props to the design team for using the Servitor’s game mechanics as metaphor for how they operate in Deadlands.
Jasper Stone, the lone gunman Death sends out to duel against thorny “heroes” gives bonuses to powerful shooters but requires you to work alone (or at least shoot 1on1)
Darius Hellstrome, the original Mad Scientist and creator of Deadlands’ largest explosion gives you a bonus for bringing massive experimental weaponry and then makes that weapon even more deadly (the “if the dude was discarded, ace them” is Doomtown speak for “take no prisoners, use extreme force”) and I really dig that.


I can say with confidence that @BeastEG labored for mechanics that captured the essence of the Servitors and it wasn’t an easy task. Playtest also really helped him hone them in. The collaboration between the two was vital and resulted in a set I’m excited to play with and I’m excited to see you guys play with.


Could actually see something cool with Janosz Pratt Janosz Pratt · DoomtownDB


:+1:to this, as Alex said in his subsequent post, design worked hard on making the Servitors useful cards that matched their theme.

I like this Legend: only costs 1GR and there a few good gadgets that don’t need to boot (Aetheric Shockwave Inducer, Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton, Auto-Revolver, Bio-charged Neutralizer) - plus these can all be booted to protect your mad scientists with “A Slight Modification”.

Plus the bullet penalty doesn’t hamper you on the defensive, which is an elegant piece of design. I’m looking forward to seeing which of the Legends proves most popular at GenCon in the special Servitor tournament and then how they perform in the broader tournament and casual environment. :slight_smile: