Player locations

I didn’t see any post regarding where players are located at so meetups could happen, so if I missed it I apologize in advance. Maybe we can get this going and have a mad scientist make a player locator.

Jedilanni - SW Kansas (AKA Middle of Nowhere)- Oberbeck Octgn handle

Dave “Doomdog” Hogg - York, UK (usually up for Doomtown at OG Games on Thursday evenings).

Mark Geisler aka jay the jester - jayjester octgn handle. Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Steve Holder - Orange County, California, USA

We play monthly at The Realm in Brea, usually 3rd Sunday.

Madison, WI USA - Our local game store has a regular, but small, DtR crowd.

Also Pr0digy on OCTGN

Anders Kernel - Copenhagen, Denmark

Play every last tuesday in the month in Blågårdens Brætspilsklub.

London, UK

France, paris

Paris, France.

Roma, Italy

New York, New York

Goshen Swamp, North Carolina

Wiesbaden, Germany

@burningmime where in NY do you play? I’m going to be out there at the end of June, I’d love to get a few games in against a different crowd if possible.

Valencia, Spain

Mostly I just play at work. Wish I knew of a shop where people played this. A bunch of shops to play Netrunner, but no one seems to be into Doomtown.

Coventry, UK

Indianapolis, IN, on the north side.

I play at a shop called Family Time Games, and at work.

San Diego, California