Playgroup in central New Jersey?

Hey all,

I was directed here from the Doomtown subreddit. I’m looking for a playgroup or players interested in forming one in the central New Jersey area. I’m in Mercer County and would love to find a few players thereabouts.

Just getting started with the game and having a playgroup would definitely help convince me to grab the rest of the content available!

I live in Linden. I only own a single core set, but I backed the kickstarter for a motherload, and am have been playing the game on Tabletop simulator with my brother who is a fellow Deadlands fan.

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Thanks for swinging by! Facebook is often work checking too, will see if any of the American folk here can hook you up. :slight_smile: attending (or even running!) a Tombstone tournament can be a great way of finding nearby players.

I didn’t realize the thread was 2 years old when I posted, my bad.

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Fear not, good to check! We’ve just had success linking someone up with a Canadian group on Facebook and several other hits over recent weeks. :thumbsup:

I’m in Atlantic County which I know isn’t exactly close but we’ll be having once a month regular meet ups after the Kickstarter ships for NJ & PA players. Check here for updates here!