[Poll] Which Saddlebag has been the best so far?

This can be whatever you define as “best”. Does it have the strongest cards, the most flavorful, or just your favorite individual card that really made your day?

Please discuss below why you made the selection that you did!

  • New Town, New Rules
  • Double Dealin’
  • Election Day Slaughter
  • Frontier Justice
  • No Turning Back
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NOTE: I didn’t include the Base set or Faith & Fear, as those are really rather different beasts.

Maybe just because it’s fresher in my memory, but Frontier Justice is my pick. I like pretty much every card in the set.

I’ve picked NTNR, there are very few cards that aren’t useful, and maybe it’s because the first set was used to complete slots, but many dudes in the set are great.

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I was going to say NTNR and then changed my mind - Double Dealin’. hands down.

So many good dudes that see repeated play - Leon, Angelica, Mortimer, Gang Yi.

Our first alternate grifter


Hustings / Baird’s Build and Loan are deeds that go into almost all of my decks.

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No turning Back has always been my fav!

I had to go with NTB for exactly 1 reason: if AEG came to me and asked me to design a card, I think I would have made Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’ almost word-for-word. It’s exactly what I wanted in the game.

Somerset XP is also neat.


I vote for NTB.

NTNR - Plasma Drill, Telepathy Helmet, Paralysis Mark and Lillian Morgan.

You really do love your gadgets don;t you. If there was ever a pack full of just gadgets you’d die of the world’s biggest gadgetgasm wouldn;t you.

@db0 note: we need a card called “gadgetgasm”