Portland "Name a Card" - JAN 25th, 2020

Question for the organizers. This happens Saturday.

Is there a Thursday, Friday, and/or Sunday casual event (or somesuch) leading up or post?


I am working out a strategic doomtown event where people have to play as teams by faction to control the city of Deadwood and I was thinking about running that on Sunday if we have a good turn out ( i am still working out the rules for it ) but I am more than willing to have a casual play day if I can’t get that together in time . Also if people need a place to stay I have space at my house or can get you hotel info for places near the venue .

Down to do all the things.

A pointer: For those of us that wish to attend, and are not part of the Local Playgroup, any advance notice we can get on things will help us to plan out trip accordingly.


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Curious about this Faction City Control game…