[Portland, OR] Free Promos, Deck Tins and a Playmat! 3/8

Portland Gunslingers,

I’m hosting a Doomtown swag giveaway night on Tuesday, March 8th from 7-10 PM at Red Castle Games.

I’ll be raffling off promos, deck tins and a playmat from OP Kit #4. No charge, just show up and play to earn raffle tickets. The more tickets you earn, the better your chances for walkin’ home with some loot.

You earn 1 ticket for the following:

  1. Show up by 7 PM.
  2. Each game you play.
  3. Each game you win.
  4. Hitting a rank 11 hand during a game.

In proper Doomtown fashion, we’ll pull from a hat at the end of the night to see who wins what. You have to be present to win a prize, so stick around till the end, pardners.

As usual, this is a casual event and beginners are always welcome. We play both head-to-head and multiplayer so there’s something for every Doomtown fan. If you have any questions, contact Matt at ravone@comcast.net

Hope to see you there!

P.S. If yer lookin’ for some early target practice, we’re also holdin’ a casual meet-up on Thursday, March 3rd. Same time and place as our Tuesday night gunfight.

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Givin’ this post a gentle nudge before it falls into a 6’ hole.

If you’re in the Portland area and want to play Doomtown but haven’t gotten the chance, or if you’re lookin’ for some fresh blood to draw down on, you should join us tomorrow night at Red Castle Games.

We’re a laid back bunch who can teach you the ropes, or if you’re an experienced gunslinger, you can show us how it’s done! Either way, I’ll be raffling off free Doomtown goodies to those who sit down and play for a spell.

Be seein’ ya.


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A quick follow-up on this event:

Thanks to everyone who braved the mean streets of Gomorra last night, you guys made our first-ever Doomtown Raffle Night a success!

All told, I handed out 65 tickets and raffled off 20 promo cards, a pair of deck tins and 1 very cool QUATERMAN playmat. One of our players was kind enough to give away an extra prize he had won to ensure that everybody went home with some swag. And that folks is what I love about the DTR community.

A few things I learned about hosting a raffle event:

  1. The gambling theme fits perfectly with Doomtown. Even if you lose all of your games and earn only a handful of tickets, there’s always a chance you could walk away with a prize. And in fact that’s exactly what happened. We had 1 person lose every game he played and then go on to win 3 prizes off of 4 raffle tickets. That’s like hitting a Dead Man’s Hand off a 5-card draw.

  2. It’s competitive without being intense. Within any given meta, there are people who aren’t as comfortable with playing in tournaments as others. This is a fun way to bridge the gap between those 2 groups.

  3. You can use it encourage other aspects of your meta outside of the winning and losing dynamic. Do you want your players to be ambassadors and demo the game for a night? Bonus raffle tickets. Do you want your players to include at least 8 new cards from the most recent expansion? Bonus tickets. Someone shows up and plays at the store for the first time? And brings a friend? With a bicycle deck? Wearing a cowboy hat? All bonus tickets!