Post-a-tron x2 questions

  1. can Post-a-Tron start as a dude in other factions as he states ‘Can be in your starting posse’

  2. if the mad scientist who invents PAT (damn just saw this… Postman PAT) is NOT at home where does PAT enter play - with the MS (though there is no card text in PAT to state this) or at home like any standard dude?
    POST-A-TRON · DoomtownDB

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Thanks for the question Andy,

Seen and under discussion by rules team

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Once again Andy many thanks for your question.

  1. This is covered in the rulebook within section 4.0 Setup These dudes can only be dudes from your
    outfit or drifters—you cannot have a dude from another outfit in play at the start of the game… The pertinent phrase being CANNOT which always overrides CAN

  2. This is covered in the PBE v1.2 Rulebook under 7.1.2 Inventing Gadgets:

Gadget dudes enter play at the location of the inventing Mad Scientist unless instructed
otherwise, but unlike goods they do not attach to the Mad Scientist. Once in play, they are treated
like any other dude.