Post GenCon fiction part 2


There are spoilers below - read the story THEN the comments or you have nobody to blame but yourself :slight_smile:




A picture is worth a thousand words…

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[spoiler]Grothe for sherrif![/spoiler]

Dude, spoilers.

Clyde for sheriff… I’d say Mortimer, but there’s only a single sheriff badge :smile:

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Looks like new factions’ leaders will be followed by new leaders of existing factions.


Dunno’ prayer based invulnerability seems like a good trait for a sherrif to have.

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C’mon, it should go without saying that a discussion of the story will have spoilers in it.

Sorry though. ;D

Wendy for Sheriff 2016.

Go Wendy or Go Home Booted.


Grothe for sherrif!
Bring a sword to a gun fight!


If I recall properly Dave was sheriff because Wendy declined first.
Poor Dave, his only achievement as a Sheriff was to hang Lawrence, who turned himself in to the law dogs…
PD: Clyde for Sheriff! No more gunshots, more whisky shots!

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Wait I’ve got more.

“Cheng you can believe in.” Wendy 2016
“A horse in every stable and a bullet in every Sloane.” Wendy 2016
“Fuck Nick Whateley.” Wendy 2016


I’m sure most could get behind that last one.

Its dangerous to be a survivor of the storm, Run Max!

You can run, but you can’t Clyde
Why Slide when you can Clyde

Ivor for Sheriff!

Nicodemus can’t be disappointed with how that went down at the end.

I liked the Makaio/Elmore bit, and some time being given to some of the Law dogs who haven’t featured much. Might we see an Experienced Tommy with an eyepatch for extra Badass points? Abram just gets more and more awesome. Dave never struck me as an interesting character, and I rarely saw his card hit play. Can’t wait to see who steps up to replace him!

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Blah. This wasn’t nearly as cool as part 1. Fights in which characters died were very one-sided and the death of the Sheriff has literally been done before in this exact setting and was fairly predictable.

The only really entertaining part was the bit with Quaterman.


I’m really disappointed so many characters died with a whimper here. Part 1 at least gave some nice screen time to all the victims. Ramiro, Elmore, Makaio, and Andreas basically didn’t get to do anything.

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I’m pretty sure a tin horn lawyer would go out like that just fine.

I also like how Caleo went out with crossfire. Sloan had better get on her people for killing innocents and friendlies.

Mendoza went out like a punk though.