Premium set storage

Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I have the Premium box, along with a number of other cards. The biggest problem with the premium set is the insert, which is basically junk - mine was slightly broken from the time I first opened the box - and could do with replacement, especially since it can’t even hold all my cards. Has anyone here replaced the default insert that comes with the premium set? I’m particularly interested in any purchasable inserts, or custom inserts one can order, although I’ll resort to making one myself if there’s no other option…

The premium box’s insert is indeed sad; in fact, mine arrived with multiple cracks. After doing a world of research, I resorted to making my own insert out of foam board, as was suggested on other posts. What works well about that is it makes the box what I want it to be.

That said, with the components such as the poker chips in the box, it seriously limits how many cards can be stored there. With a bottom on the tray, it also limits the inclusion of the card tins. I resorted to purchasing a base box from Amazon (had a gift card, so it cost me almost nothing) and purchased a custom insert, which works well for mass storage.

Yeah, I use the main box with a custom insert for other LCGs I play, namely Netrunner and AGoT, and it works great. I don’t have the main box for Doomtown, though, only the premium set. I like the premium set enough that I really don’t want to get another box for storing the cards, I just want to find a way to make it work. I see a lot of people have already viewed the topic without replying, but I’m still holding out hope that somebody has managed to get a custom insert made…

Someone on boardgame geek suggested this website (and the linked product specifically, not sure if this is intended for the premium case or standard box):

I’m not affiliated with the linked website and hope posting the link doesn’t break any rules! :slight_smile:

Here are some bgg threads discussing ideas for storage.

Hope this helps! I’m a binder man myself so can’t offer any direct experience on the topic.

Edit: update - link says it’s for the core box. Curses.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m a member over at BGG, and those threads are about the core game box, not the premium set, unfortunately. Same with that insert from Go7. I have a similar insert for my other LCGs from Broken Token, and I’m very, very happy with it. If I could find that type of insert, even if it was custom made, it’d be perfect! I haven’t seen custom MDF inserts on offer, though. I was hoping that with the number of premium sets out there someone would’ve come up with a design to replace the crummy insert it came with.

If you’re a fellow BGG member you’ve probably already seen this custom made premium insert:

This guy seems to make inserts too and even had a thread for Doomtown’s premium set:

Fresh out of ideas beyond that, hope someone else can do better! :slight_smile:

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I’d seen the first thread, but not that Geeklist. Thanks! I’ll try pinging Treebeard over there and see if that went anywhere (although the lack of posts in the game forum suggests not).

I’m still interested if anyone else has another angle on this…

Sorry for gravediggin’ them old posts, but this interests me deeply, as I was very disappointed with the premium set that I got at a [sic]premium with a slightly ‘off-season’ purchase at the time.

Would be interested in sharing ways of caring of that sweet lil’ bundle of joy ^^’

…right now the sharing part would be in the receiving end, me being the receiver -_-

My insert was also completely trashed on arrival!

I created a custom insert myself (see below image) using foam board and stick on felt from a craft shop. This is not something I would normally do but with a few google searches (Loads of people do these foam board inserts it seems!) and a couple of hours with a craft knife, cutting board and straight edge the job was done…

I still use it but it has to be said that with expansions the set quickly outgrows the space available so I now just use Ultra Pro 9 pocket card storage books from Amazon… I have 4 of them and that stores everything released so far pus enough space for a few more expansions… Its also easy to grow with another book.

Anyway, thats what I have done and I now tend to use the wooden box at home with friends as it has all the premium chips, coins etc plus hold some pre prepared decks so I can just get it out and play without any significant prep time.

Oh… an once you’ve done it you will find a million other uses for foam board and felt… it really is super easy!

Good luck !


Nice rig!

I might have to find a way to get mine to hold all these chips I have now.