[Preview] - Bad Medicine - Mother Bear's Rage

There’s been a new Totem spoiled for the shamans:

Seems like a great way to get a shootout going at multiple locations, especially if you can manage to get it to cause some chaos in an opponent’s home :smile:


Oops just saw it’s for an adjacent deed only, does not include homes or town square.

Shane & Graves style totem on value with Shane & Graves Security, and needs a 5 to cast. You could have some fun with this! Token fight!

Gives your deeds some seurity without having to move dude to them if an opponent comes snooping around.

Could set up a fun network with Spirit Trail too, let your bears guard Out of Town deeds too


Surveyor’s Office would be good for that.

Planting one at your home also lets you guard your two adjacent deeds, which is pretty handy.

Got to add, I love the art and the quote on this card!


Preview? I’ve had the pack in full since Thursday.

There’s some cool stuff :smiley:

This card is really neat though. Attach to your home and you’ve got protection on your two adjacent deeds. Put it on Surveyor’s Office and you’ve got protection at all of your out of town deeds. Also, as always, Kabeda lets you do some interesting tricks with this.

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