[Preview] - Horace Manse

4R gets a new way to cycle Abominations with a transient character, hopefully getting to activate his enter play trait multiple times.

What a creepy fiction! A cellar full of patients shuffling around waiting to die…



Hm to be honest I dont know if he will see a lot of play. He is not an abomination himself so he deactivates Karl Odett for the time he is out, which should only be one round to be fair. And discarding a card to get another one back is bit too much of a cost if you ask me. But 8 is a good value and maybe if you dont go full abominations he will be more useful.

He only costs 1 for a 3 bullet dude. Also it’s not just discard a card draw a card. It’s choose an aced card and discard a card. This means you can be more aggressive with bobo or you can have an extra layer of defense by bringing back the brute. Being able to discard a card to draw a card is a fine ability, being able to draw a card to choose the card you get back is pretty good and then attaching that to a 1 cost dude with 3 bullets seems pretty strong.

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3 draw bullets on a dude that you dont plan on having for more than one round are irrelevant.

And with so many possiblities to bring aced abominations back into play rather than just add them to your hand I feel like I dont have the need for his ability too often.

He is not bad if for nothing else than being a 1 cost dude that can soak up casualties which is worth playing regardless of his ability. But I think I would like him more if his ability would let you bring back an abomination into play and ace it at sundown or something like that, especially because he has to compete with Steven Wiles.

Unless you’re running Make 'em Sweat, The Stakes Just Rose, or have a bunch of 0/1 stud dudes to fight alongside :smile: With a strong draw structure he can still terrorise your opponent’s support dudes by himself. His effect is useful in the situation when you can’t play a dude because there’s already a copy in boot hill, and one other thing he’s got over Steven Wiles is that he’s a 4th Ring dude so Smiling Tom can move to his location (admittedly, that last one’s clutching at straws somewhat…)

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I like more bullets on a dude that I am prolly going to try force in a fight with the plan that he dies that turn, although if you plan on just discarding him than I agree. Also there are ways to bring abominations onto the board but they require a job on the town square (raising hell) or cheating (soul cage) so this is a more reliable, easy way to bring back those super cheap chumps.

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There’s another combo he enables - bring an abomination into your hand so you can play it with Summoning and gain a control point!

Of course more bullets are better than less bullets and any ability is better than no ability at all, but come on, don’t you think some things mentioned here are a little bit far fetched or way to conditional :slight_smile:

Perhaps, but you can run 4 dudes at 8 and you’re taking a risk of ending up with dead cards with 4 copies of Wiles so Horace has his place :smile:

IMO, he doesn’t fit into a Karl Odett abom-deck. but I really like him in other decks, where having 2-3 copies of Ivor XP or 4x Soul Cage hurts your structure or something. Here he can shine to bring back the Brute or some other abom fx.
I’m looking forward to see what Transient is all about. I have a feeling it might raise his value some… maybe it’ll make him a sneaky, tricksy bastard? :smile:

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What we’ve seen so far from dudes with the Transient keyword is that they have a React ability that you can use when they enter play and they have high upkeep so you’re not going to keep them around long.

I think it’s one of those keywords future cards might interact with, similar to Abomination or Deputy.

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One of the devs said that Transient simply is a keyword attached to dudes with a low cost and high upkeep - although it seems that it might trigger something else later AND its weird Steven didnt get it. That said - maybe they saw Stevns death coming…

Unfortunately, after trying to find a way to shoe horn him into my Oddities deck, he just doesn’t work (for me). The loss of influence meant that there were specific times where I would have loved to use him, but couldn’t because it would have caused me to lose at nightfall, because of Odett losing influence.

I’m sure that he has uses, and I’m sure that there are some cool decks out there that will end up using him. But in my current Oddities (where the only non Abom I can afford is a win condition that get’s a rose), he just doesn’t work.