[Preview] No Turning Back - Rapier



+2 bullets for 1 gr - niiice!

I wish it was a 10, on value with Unprepared…

But then again, El Grajo* will probably be a J - it’s time this value got some lovin’ from non-4R players :slight_smile:

Actually, Clowns will love this card, with Hex Slingin’, Kevin and Tyx on-value, while Forget is arguably weak… it also might let Mongwau make a comeback.

Also seems perfect for Tommy, +2 stud bullets and protection from Shotgun.

*Judging by this card’s flavor text, I suggest that El Grajo will have this ability: “Boot an attached Mêlée Weapon to turn an opposing dude into a code gate” :wink:

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Alas you can’t have both until the shotgun boots. :wink: however, it does force a dilemma on your opponent should there be a gunnable target with Tommy (say, Phil or Lucy), you CAN use your shotgun, but if you do you turn on the rapier.

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How cool is this on Exp 1 Marion? He can boot opposing weapons and he gets just a ton of bullets…and can become a stud. 7GR and 2 cards gives you a 5 Stud with a booted enemy weapon. Awesome.


Four of these and some horses sounds like a good starting point for a Zorro (or El Grajo) deck!

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Solid weapon. Gives a good alternative option in the JH slot for DMH decks as well over the existing cards available.

I am irked though that AEG couldn’t use consistent wording in the trait between the Rapier and Evanor. I could see some wanker trying to rules lawyer a difference between the effects.

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[quote=“Darguth, post:7, topic:262, full:true”]
I am irked though that AEG couldn’t use consistent wording in the trait between the Rapier and Evanor.[/quote]
Agreed. I think “no bullet bonus” is much better, as we’re now getting some effects that modify the bullet bonus of a weapon, and +0 feels like it can be modified.

Some wordings get changed for the better (Pinto => Walk the Path, Raising Hell => Clown Carriage), but this feels like a downgrade.