Production Rights for Metal Ghost Rock and PBE

Ok, I know this is going to sound crazy, but…

Is there any chance that the means and/or rights to produce the metal ghost rock tokens (found in the premium set and OP kits) went to PBE? It would be pretty cool if we had a way to get more of them…

That would be very cool. I would suspect PBE could produce their own design if the original design didn’t go to them.

There’s two isues with the metal coins:

  1. Copyright. It’s likely these reverted to Pinnacle, along with all the other copyrights.
  2. Die costs. Making a metal die or stamp is expensive. Even if the copyright reverted to Pinnacle, if PBE doesn’t have access to the die they will have to pay tooling to make a whole new one.

Honestly, I’d like to see PBE come out with their own prizes. Even if it’s in the same vein. (Also, for the love of all that is wholly, if you are going to make coins, GIVE THEM A VALUE ON THE COIN).