[Promos] - Baird's Build and Loan, A Fight They'll Never Forget

Looks like in addition to Clown Smiley, we also get Bairds Build and Loan, and A Fight They’ll Never Forget in the Deputy 2016 kit:


That’s one sweet looking mat! Is it a Hangin’ Judge?

I don’t care much for tins, but the gadgets tin looks like another cool one to sit alongside the hex one from OP#4.

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The MAT! :scream:

Why do i live in a country without doomtown … :sob:

Thanks! Very exciting if the mat is indeed a Hangin’ Judge. That said, I thought (hoped?) Dog’s Duster was going to be a fabulous new Law Dog, so I’ve been wrong before…

I wonder if the promo “A Fight They’ll Never Forget” is Sloane v Dave Montreal? It’s hard to tell from the image.

I quite like the tins - they’re an elegant way to store tokens.

Come to Denmark!

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The playmat IS indeed a Hangin’ Judge.

Nice eye on “A Fight They’ll Never Forget”.


Cheers on both counts Balder!

Look forward to seeing the new promos properly - nice to see Dave go out properly in a card (and the new Sheriff has had lots of fiction too, and seems like a suitably heroic replacement).

Sure the Hangin’ Judge will make a dramatic introduction to the story too…


You know i should really try to plan some vacation to denmark matching some Doomtown meetup.


Or you can make a trip to Wiesbaden and meet up with us :slight_smile:

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