Puppet question

Can you use puppet on a character you already have a copy of in play? For example stealing your opponents Jake Smiley when you have your own Jake Smiley already in play.

Yes you can.

Hah, I have a new funny question. You control second copy of a dude as in the OP’s question, you play your version XP of a dude and he stays under your control since you own a card. Now you have two copies of the same dude at the beginning of a turn XP and non-XP, what happens?

@swider Ninja-d! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Eh, I was really worried for a moment :).

I think that most issues with Puppet could be fixed by introducing two general rules:

  1. Experienced: You can only overlay a card you own and control with its Experienced version.

  2. Tradin’: You cannot attach cards you do not own to cards you control.

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