QUATERMAN & Essence of Armitage/Holy Wheel Gun

QUATERMAN’s text says:

QUATERMAN’s bullets cannot be modified except by attached goods…

Essence of Armitage’s text says:

While this dude is in a shootout, non-Abomination dudes in the shootout have -1 bullets…

Holy Wheel Gun’s text says:

Shootout, Boot: Choose an opposing dude. That dude gets -1 bullets…

I’d assume that ‘attached goods’ means goods attached to QUATERMAN, however it could be argued that the trait on Essence of Armitage and Holy Wheel Gun’s ability should affect QUATERMAN as it they are also attached goods. Please could we get a clarification on this?

(Also relevant for The Mixer’s ability).

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Thanks for the question on this cool gadget dude!

Based off of the FAQ entry:

Only cards attached to QUATERMAN can affect its bullets.

So the opposing attached Essence of Armitage, or Holy Wheel Gun wouldn’t have any effect on QUATERMAN.