Question about audio in stream

Can anybody tell me if it is possible to add outside source of audio to my twitch stream? I’d like to now if it is possible to stream a game with somebody else commentating on it?

But you don’t want to hear them?

Preferably not. I won’t have stream running in the background if it matters.

I was going to suggest having a voicechat and not talking :smile:

I don’t think there’s another option without them streaming instead.

Thanks. I thought about using skype with muted speakers, but was hoping there is a more elegant solution :). I intend to start streaming regularly starting today and since me and mplain aren’t too comfortable with voicechat at least for now we were discussing other options. If I don’t have any unexpected difficulties with streaming, I will post a link to our games around 11-12 pm UK time.

Is mplain the one who’s going to be talking? Why is he not streaming instead?

No, he says he doesn’t feel comfortable with speaking, he had an idea of organising someone else to do commentary. I believe first few streams will be muted and then we will add voicechat. Normally I don’t have problem with speaking in English but as you might remember when we played against each other around a month ago I hardly said anything, for some reason I don’t feel comfortable to speak on stream, probably it is confidence thing so we will work on that.

Well, what I’m saying is that whoever you find to be speaking, can be the same one streaming.

Yes, I know, but I am not sure if that person has software already installed ( it was mplain talking to him, not me). I actually prefer to just stream without sound first few times and then add voicechat. We decided to try streaming because DTR on OCTGN is currently on life support at least during evenings european time and we came up with streaming as a way to generate some interest in online gaming. I am also considering starting a league where you could play as much as you want to with soft restrictions e.g. you couldn’t play more than 20% of games against one opponent. I will probably post some more details about it next week, for now more pressing issue for me is to encourage more people to try out DTR on OCTGN.


The person in question is @otomo. Jon, can you stream AND comment?

Well, I CAN tell you that Jon CAN walk and chew gum at the same time :smiley:

But can he also talk while walking and chewing?

I’m not so sure that he can walk right now… :wink: