Question about Quaterman & Plasma Drill

One question about this metal dudes! :wink:

The card says: Quaterman’s bullets cannot be modified except by attached goods. Cards cannot move or boot Quaterman.

so, if i equip a Quaterman with a Plasma Drill and use the ability: Noon, Pay 1 Ghost Rock, Boot this Dude: Choose a deed at an adjacent location. Its owner must pay ghost rock equal to its production. If they cannot or do not, discard the deed (any dudes there go home booted).

¿¿I MUST BOOT THE QUATERMAN?? because Cards cannot move or boot Quaterman.
And the same with any other card wit a similar “boot this dude” ability

Booting a dude is a cost of the ability, and you cannot pay this cost, so you cannot use this ability.

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Thanks! i see now (sad, i was thinking ive found a very nice combo) :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :flushed: