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Hey I’m a fan of Doomtown bought Base Set and Foul Play (specifically for the Tattooed Man) also won a Saddlebag from Origins last year.

So what with owning Base Set Frontier Justice and Foul Play what Saddlebags to buy to be able to use all cards I own?


1: With Doomtown re-reloaded now what happens to my favorite character Ivor is he dead or is PBE wiping the slate clean plot wise?

2: Will they make new cards for Wardens and (not that I personally care) 108 Bandits?

3: Can somebody give me a rundown of info stead of me spending lord knows how many hours trying to catch up? (doesn’t need to be detailed)

4: I’m volunteering at Origins (can meet me red head male with purple glasses at paint n take) will pine box be there or at least Doomtown? I hope whoevers there more knowledgeable cuz the stall owner when AEG had it didn’t know anything about the cards…

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Hello again Ivor! :slight_smile:

  1. The initial Epitaph story seem like its going to be a prequel, here’s part of my summary of an interview the booted dudes guys did with the Booted Dudes podcast.

  2. I don’t think this has been revealed one way or the other yet? We’ll need to wait for more previews. Sorry if somebody at Pinebox has confirmed this one way or the other and I missed it. I’m being a bit cautious on this one Ivor as I don’t want to accidentally break the playtesting nondisclosure agreement.

  3. The booted dudes interview I link to above gives you some quick initial information all in one place. There’s a summary of the interview that I wrote up if you don’t have time for the full podcast (which is worth a listen and has more details). I and others can try to help out in this thread if you need more.

  4. I don’t know about Origins, sorry. There are tournament plans for Gen Con.

As to which card set to buy, you’ve got good timing on that question! I just wrote a big guide to this topic, link below. It has some suggestions for some good Fourth Ring specific sets and also notes which sets introduce Eagle Wardens/108 Righteous Bandits/Miracles so you can avoid these/pick them up if you’re keen on adding them or just focusing on the stuff you already have.

I know you’re keen on your monsters and Fourth Ring, so Faith and Fear would be a great pick-up for you as it has a non-unique Fourth Ring Abomination and an excellent starting Fourth Ring huckster (links below).

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While there haven’t been any Warden or 108 previews, I’m fairly sure it’s been publicly confirmed that all factions are getting something new.


Says can’t look at that topic.

And oh good I wanna get the Unstoppable Pinne Box so I can use Eagle Wardens (also want the Beyomd The Veil outfit)

Are LGS starting to get copies of Doomtown from pinnacle or only online?

Sorry, I’m an idiot and pasted a link to the draft version of the buyer’s guide that is hidden in the playtest forum. :blush:

I’ve corrected the link in my previous post and repeat it below:

I don’t know for sure but you’re probably best off ordering online from Pinnacle, either know or during the Kickstarter for the Epitaph expansion. I don’t know what their retail plans are, if indeed they have any.