Re: Attaching as part of an Ability or Trait (continued)

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So to be clear, anything (like Doomsday Supply) that says ‘attach to your dude’, when it is a gadget, HAS to attach to the inventing mad scientist unless the gadget specifically says otherwise?

Sorry to continue this thread again - as you guys can see there is a lot of confusion around the special rules of attaching goods. I know there is often the saying of ‘x and y are covered in the normals goods rules, so it applies here’ but that involves going back and forth all over the place potentially trying to figure something out. I feel like I have things down pretty well, but I still get confused sometimes so I can’t imagine what it’s like for a new player.

Any chance there could be a separate section with examples of attaching goods/gadgets/totems/etc in the non-traditional way? Examples with normal general store, along with weirder interactions like doomsday supply/maggie harris would be very helpful to have it all in one place.

Thanks for being patient with us :slight_smile:

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it’d be awesome if someone could produce a shorthand set of rules for this. someone more clever than me :]


Once again thankyou for your question, yes you are correct.

In essence when attaching anything at all you must follow the rulebook unless a card states otherwise, if a card is not exactly clear we will wait until a question is asked and then issue a ruling and make an entry into the FAQ.

Whilst your suggestion for a separate section on examples of non traditional attaching is a very good one, it could in fact cause confusion with any card we do not feature, we believe following the rulebook and then issuing an FAQ when required will cause less complication’s for the majority of players.