Recruitment Drive on an Experienced Dude in play?

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One question I was asking myself after looking at my new Pinebox.

Supposing I succeed in a Recruitment Drive job. I find an experienced version of a dude I actually have in play: can I play it ? (by experiencing him with the current rules of experienced for example)

Or do I have to be restricted to choose another “target” for my Recruitment Drive ?

"Noon play, you can replace your dude card in play with a different version of that dude from your hand. The new card replaces the old, keeping all goods, spells, token, and markers, and remains under any game effects !
The card that was replaced goes to your discard pile.

You can replace a dude card with another dude card whose experience level is no more than one greater or lower (non experienced dudes are considered experienced level 0 ).
Thus you can replace a non-experienced dude with the Experienced 1 version and vice-versa. You can replace a given dude no more than once per turn"

“Noon Job: Mark the town square (any player may oppose the job). If successful, put a dude or deed into play from your discard pile, reducing its cost by 5 ghost rock”

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Here is the ruling from when it was previously asked and answered.

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Thank you very much !