Recruitment + exp and yellering out of a shootout

Hi guys,

2 quick questions:

Can you use recruitment drive to bring an experienced version of a dude into play if she is already on the board?

If your opponent chose to flee with his last dude after first round of a shootout - can you go home as well?


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I know both sides of the shootout can decide to send any or all of their dudes home after a shootout round, starting with the loser.

Not so sure about your first question. I know replacing a dude with their experienced version doesn’t trigger “enters play” or “leaves play” conditions, and Recruitment Drive says to put the dude into play, but that feels like a stretch.

An experienced dude counts as that dude for Uniqueness purposes, so you couldn’t use something like Recruitment Drive to bring an Exp version if the Exp 0 version is already play. It’d be like trying to use it to bring a 2nd copy of the dude into play.

Keep in mind, that’s on -your- side. It doesn’t matter what the opponent has in play, uniqueness is only for your cards.

  1. A damn fine question actually. The rule on experienced characters does indeed only cover the standard Noon play, there’s nothing about putting dudes into play. This should ne asked on the rules forum.

  2. Here.

  1. I should specify - can I use recruitment drive to exchange the inexperienced with an experience 1 character.

Ill ask it at the rules forum and return…

  1. Ok. Wauw. This is actually definetely altering what we have been playing so far. I actually thought that the shootout ends when the other posse is empty - thus not giving you time to ‘flee’.

So if that is right I can always chose to go back booted at the end of a shootout round no matter what happens (baring I used No Turning Back)?

If you are the loser and you choose to stay, then your opponent flees, you cannot flee any longer, since you’ve already said you’re staying. (Source)

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Moreover, take into account that if you choose to flee with all your dudes, you don’t actually win the shootout. For example, you’re defending against a “Coach comes to town” and you kill every dude in the opposing posse, if you don’t stay with at least one dude, you won’t get the 4GR.


Yeah I get that with jobs you’ll lose if you dont stay - however you could flee with all your booted dudes.

It is just the regular shootouts I am surprised by. It came up the other day when I played a bounty hunter in my opponents home and joined with Wendy + Phillip. My opponent got shot to pieces and elected to flee after the first round of the shootout. I began wondering if I could flee as well - thus not being out of position with both my dudes for the next round.

It makes it much more interesting to join bounty hunters then or initiate shootouts if it wont leave you out of position for the next round - as you can just go home at the end of the shootout - even with booted dudes. Hmm…

Well for jobs it makes no sense to flee anyway since you’re going home booted anyway.

You don’t lose, you just don’t win :slight_smile:

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Not if you oppose, if we’re talking about A Coach Comes To Town.

‘I annihilated the opposing posse. Lets call it a draw!’

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Obviously I was talking about the leader, since the mark doesn’t “go home booted anyway” :wink:

Ok so I think I ‘found’ my confusion.

If a posse is emptied before the ‘take casualties step’ the shootout ends immediatly - thus preventing your own dudes from fleeing home. However if a posse is emptied during the ‘take yer lumps’ step then the shootout actually continues the next 2 steps. Is that right?

There are two passages in the rulebook governing the immediate termination of the shootout:

If, due to the use of Shootout abilities, there’s only one posse left in the shootout, the shootout ends immediately; skip to step 7.


If, due to the use of Resolution abilities, one player loses all the dudes in their posse (aced or discarded), the shootout immediately ends; skip to step 7.

They refer specifically to the use of Shootout and Resolution abilities, and not to the corresponding steps. That’s why Mortimer Parsons’s text box says that the shootout will immediately end if he goes home after reveal and there’s noone left in the posse - if it wasn’t written on him, there would be nothing in the game rules that would force you to end the shootout immediately.


OK - that makes consistancy.

I read the FAQ where the text just says - …the shootout immediatly ends…

So answer to question 1 is:

No! You can only play upgrade experienced characters as a noon play.

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