Reloading Vancouver, BC, Canada (March 29th OP Event)

With the influx of koku-redeemed Doomtown, we’re looking to reload Doomtown in the Vancouver, BC area and the surrounding region. We’ve scheduled the first of our rebooted OP events at Magic Stronghold for Tuesday, January 26th at 7pm sharp, so if you are on the west coast of Canada and want to gunsling again, we hope to see you at Magic Stronghold Games!

If you have questions about anything, feel free to PM me for more information or respond in this thread. If you’re in the region, please spread the word!

Hi Bronn! I’m in Vancouver and new to Doomtown. Unfortunately I can’t make it on the 26th! Do you have a crew of folks you normally play with?

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There is a crew of old L5R players that sometimes meet on Tuesdays (our old L5R night) at Magic Stronghold in Burnaby. I live out in Chilliwack and play with people in Abbotsford, so I only head out to Vancouver every 4-6 weeks, but I will be trying to do an OP event at Stronghold with that frequency, with the hope that there will be enough interest that that frequency could increase.

If you are interested in meeting up with that group, I would suggest that you join up to the Magic Stronghold Games and Magic Stronghold Games: Legend of the Five Rings Facebook groups for continued updates on events in the area. I’ll also try to remember to keep this thread updated with future events. I hope we’ll see you at a future one!

Hello again, Starfist (and other interested Vancouverites)!

We had a great turnout of 10 players tonight at Magic Stronghold Burnaby (destroying the paltry 4 we had for the Sheriff event in the summer), so we’ve gone ahead and scheduled a sequel event for Tuesday, February 23rd at 7pm (and we’ll try and continue an every 4-6 week schedule. I hope to see some more new faces there that night!


We had another solid 8-person turnout (with a couple of last minute cancellations). With the second successful night, we’ve decided to move forward with a monthly tournament on the last Tuesday of every month. That will put the next event on Tuesday March 29th followed by Tuesday April 26th.

The Facebook events for these can be found at this links, which for some reason aren’t working via hyperlink:

March - Doomtown OP Event #3 - The Three Amigos
April - Doomtown OP #4 - UnFOURgiven

We hope to see some more new faces!

I’ve not been before, but I’m definitely looking forward to the next event. Since being introduced to the game several months ago, I have been searching for events and gaming groups in the Vancouver area with no luck. Glad to see Magic Stronghold supporting this game and its community!

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Great to hear that there are other Vancouver players interested! We had another new player at our last OP event and met a new one in our first one, too, that returned for event 2. The more, the merrier! Its great to continue to grow the community!

I see that you’ve joined the FB event, so that will give you any updates that may come up. I look forward to meeting you on March 29th!

Sounds great. There’s a few people over on BoardGameGeek interested, but the Facebook events page lists it as 7am-11am. I assume this is a typo and it’s an evening event?

A slightly smaller crowd tonight, as end of semester crunch kept some away, but 7 players still duked it out! Our next event will be on April 26th, the last Tuesday of April (followed by the last Tuesday in May and in June, etc).

I’ve also gone ahead and created a Facebook group for Doomtown players in BC, so we can coordinate events and meet-ups and generally have a central location for BC players to connect. You can find it at Doomtown British Columbia