Resolution timing issue (help needed)

Hi there,

I played a match with a friend. We actually played the old doomtown ccg but I guess our issue hypothetical works for dt:r too.

We were in a shootout and revealed both our hands. We had the same hand (Full House). I was the first player so I played an event card with resolution which let‘s me win the shootout by one when the hands are tied. He played an event card which aced a card from my draw hand, destroying my original full house.

That‘s where we had a discussion. My assumption was, since I played my resolution that my draw hand wouldn‘t matter anymore because I played the event that let‘s me win with one rank above. He argued that my old hand is still relevant until the end of the shootout and the previous tie condition wouldn‘t matter anymore since it isn‘t a tie anymore therefore I wouldn‘t win.

Anyone can shed some light on that topic?

Acing the card from the Hand, that’ll leave a scar, does not change the revealed hand


Compare “That’ll Leave a Scar” (KC) to “Ace in the Hole” (4C) and the difference between the Timing should be clearer.

Nice use of “Quickdraw” (JC) by the way!

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