Rico Rodegain and Dr Foxworth- same guy?

Are Rico and Brian the same guy? If It’s assumed Rico is the guy holding his finger up…he looks pretty similar to Dr Foxworth-. Same facial hair, same hat…and they have the same father… Marcel Stobinski. Does the doctor think that by wearing those ‘Clark Kent’ glasses we won’t recognize him?

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Nah, just the same artist I think :slight_smile:

It’s just an artist with a similar style. You’ll notice another similarity with a some of the guys playing cards with Rico and a side character on a card in an upcoming expansion.

TBH, I don’t actually see that much similarity between Rico and Foxworth. Dr. Foxworth is actually the tribute card won by the first ever GenCon DT:R tournament winner and his face was somewhat inspired by a famous TV character … points if you can guess the character.

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Hm… could be Walter White?

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Give this man a … I don’t know, just go grab something from the closet, will ya?

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…all that’s in here is an empty shoe box, a riding crop, and a stack of El Poyo Loco fliers.

I’m sure he can MacGyver a prize out of that somehow.

If you can imagine Dr Foxworth- without the glasses…I think you’ll see the similarities.

it IS pretty weird we never see them in the same room together.

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It makes me think of the Mad Scientist from my deadlands ww campaign/screenplay. If anyone remembers Lady Une from Gundam Wing, same principle.

The lady scientist’s forays into the new science causes her to develop a split personality.

Maybe our doctor here transforms into a fast talking con man gambler?