Riding Into the Sunset :(

Some bad news has just been announced over at AEG. Looks like we’ve got the rest of this saddlebag arc and a Pine Box and then production for Doomtown Reloaded ends (unless Pinnacle do something with it at some point in the future).

A shame as I felt the game was starting to pick up a bit more interest. It seems that mustn’t have been the case on the wider scale. I’ve met a lot of great people through playing Doomtown and had a lot of fun getting involved in the community and playing the game. Hopefully people will stick around to give the game a good send-off with the Sheriff events. I’m certainly going to be supporting Doomtown to the end… and maybe beyond?


This sucks.


We aren’t going anywhere. We’re working in the background. HEG may very well ride again.


Pretty much… The only plus side is that it helps my decision on how to reduce my monthly gaming budget :\

well this ruins my day .

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It’s bad news, but I’m hoping that if the community keeps clamoring for it, PEG will look into doing more.

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As long as the community keeps active and doesn’t let this dishearten them - they’ll take notice. Maybe not action. But notice.

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Oh poo. Yes, very disappointing. But I’ll savor it while it lasts.

As I said to my friend:

“We’s all gonna die one day fella. What good is it sittin around worryin whether it’s this year or next? Saddle up, partner. Let’s ride inta that sunset together.”

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The real sad thing is my play group was growing about one person a month and we just got up to 12 people things where just about to get really good


Very sorry to hear, though I can’t say I’m too surprised. Not that I thought the game was doing poorly, but after AEG jettisoned their biggest game I was really unsure how they justified keeping doomtown being a smaller game. It’s been awesome seeing it come again and I’m glad to hear it’ll get at least a few more packs and we all got to enjoy the quirkiness of Gomorra one more time.

Though, reading the full announcement, it sounds a bit more like the agreement to the rights is simply up and Pinnacle isn’t renewing AEG’s license to use the property, or AEG simply chose not to renew it (which would relate to my point above). They may just be getting out of collectible card games in general.

Looks like I picked an unfortunate time to just enter into the game. Ugh.

Vimes if the death of classic taught us anything it’s that Doomtown never died. Fans continued to gather and play and with the advent of the internet, that’s so much easier. It may not be official, but it’ll be fun!

Not the first “dead” game me and my playgroup keep on playing for a long time, but definitly the one I am most passioned about and try to support where I can in the future.

But looks like now I am never going to get a Sloane playmat…


Aw, damn.
Such a great game… still trying to incite a local meta starting from Baseset and bringing in new packs to improve decks with a friend (if he had more time …), though it’s not easy finding more people willing to learn nowadays :confused:

Now i’m sad…

Rainy day…


Sad :frowning:

Well it WAS raining here in the Northeast (USA). Now the skies are clearing and the sun is coming out. Literally. But I’ll pretend its a metaphor.

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This is a shame, Doomtown: Reloaded is the first card game I really collected or played seriously. We just started organizing locally beyond a weekly meet up.

Does anyone know how many saddlebags/pineboxes are left in the current cycle?

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One of each, is what I heard.