Rulebook 2.0

In the Pine Box Entertainment store, is the Doomtown Rulebook 2.0 the same rulebook that is in the “There Comes a Reckoning Trunk”?


The rulebook you can download from the Pinebox website will be the most up-to-date version. The print version isn’t the current version, but I don’t think there have been any major changes since the There Comes A Reckoning printing, updates have tended to be clarifications. I’ll still be fine for learning how to play the game. Someone here will be able to point out any changes that might affect you.

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Yes, this is the same rulebook printed in There Comes A Reckoning. It’s offered as a separate entry on the store for folks that want extra copies.

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Thank you both very much! Just the info I needed.


Hi, new player here. I just took advantage of pinebox sale and bought everything that was on sale. I also purchased “There Comes a Reckoning” from another source with the understanding the 2.0 rules would be included so I did not order it with the other purchase… In the box I received the rulebook says Ver. 1.3.1. Online version is 1.5. Is there enough difference in the 2.0 to purchase this version? I did not order it originally as I thought I would receive it in the expansion and the freight is a little to much to order it alone.

Is it necessary to get started and is there any other options to get the latest version? Thanks, looking forward to getting started with the game.

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We’re going to update the store entry for this for clarity. The rulebook included in There Comes A Reckoning is the 2.0 rulebook listed on the shop. It is the most recent printed rulebook. The 2.0 was meant to signify that the one in the Base Set was considered 1.0 for this purpose. I could see this being confusing with the actual different versions and updates to what we have online.

The most up to date rules can be found online here

The only notable change since that last printed rulebook is that Attires are one per Dude