Rulebook v.1.1 questions and remarks


Thanks for restarting this game, our playgroup is very excited again and are looking forward to ride out once more.
While reading the rulebook I noticed that at certain sections I would have liked to have seen a/some examples for the mentioned situation. Perhaps this can be taken into account for the next edition of the rulebook?

For example;

P. 15 - “Players with exactly tied hands draw new five-card lowball hands to break the tie”. Perhaps you could give an example of exactly tied hands so that it becomes clear when to redraw and when not to.

P. 25 -“When using an ability to bring a card into play, that card can also be a gadget, but you’ll still need to have a Mad Scientist invent it.”. An example of such an action would greatly clarify this, also mention that the wording of such an effect shouldn’t matter (ie. Maggie Harris’ “attach it” or William Specks “invent a gadget”).

Then one error I noticed;

P. 18 - “See Invent’ Gadgets, page XX for details”. XX should be replaced with 25

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


@Rules is working on the next iteration - tagging them to make sure they see this.

Thanks for that @Alex let’s see if it makes the new rule book :wink:

For the rules team, if you ever need someone to “proof” read the text and to give comments and/or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

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