Savage Lands Series League - Online

Howdy folks!

Welcoming all beginners and veterans alike to the (only?) online Savage Lands Series league. We’ll be playing games in both OCTGN and Tabletop Simulator, whichever the 2 players prefer. This is a great time to dip your toes into playing Doomtown online, and might be the only option for official events in the foreseeable future.

We are really focusing on helping people new to the environment, so please either post here, or in Discord, if you’d like to arrange a test/teaching run. I will follow up in a future post with some names of official volunteers who can help folks who are new.

Please sign up at the link below:

Runs: May 8th through June 7th (4 weeks / 5 full weekends)

Password: doomtown

Please visit the online-play channel in the Doomtown Discord for further questions, discussions, or arranging games (of course you can post on this thread as well).

Excited to see some new blood online this league!

Install and learn OCTGN: Guide to OCTGN · DoomtownDB

Tabletop Simulator mod: Steam Workshop::Doomtown Complete


Friendly reminder, league starts this Friday!

Lookin’ forward to gettin’ back in the saddle (and hopin’ HCWM arrives in time fer the start!)

Couple quick questions:

a) Opponent Variety. Are multiple games vs. one opponent permissible for league rankings, or do we only count one match as a “league” match (and the rest are friendlies)?

b) Decks. Is it expected that we use the same deck throughout the series, or are modifications (upto and including legend/outfit) permissible?

c) Decklists. Is there an official postin’ of decklists required? If so, where should we do it / how should we name/tag them?

d) Huckleberry. Are you my? :wink:

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Lookin forward to seeing you online :slight_smile:

a) Same as past leagues, where you can only play the same person twice. Once you both have 10 games under your belt, you can play once more (then again after every 5 games).

b) Change up your deck as often as you like! Those who make the cut to top 4 will have to choose and stick with 1 deck for the remainder.

c) Top 4 decklists will need to be sent to the TO (likely me, unless I make top 4 in which case it’ll be another volunteer). Otherwise, posting them is encouraged but not mandatory

d) You bet your gold tooth I am!

More info can be found on the link above.


Thanks for organizing this! Here’s v1 of the theme deck I played.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this league - we had a whopping 81 games played over these 4 weeks!

Everyone: Don’t forgot to:

  1. private message me your name and address so I can mail your promos (we haven’t received the OP kit yet, but once we do we’ll mail things out) and
  2. Submit your theme decks for the potential upcoming fiction

Congratulations to our top 4 qualifiers!

  1. @shekky_ducky
  2. @TybarSunsong
  3. @hehasmoments
  4. @alotoaxolotls

Shekky and alotoaxolotls already played their matches last night, with an epic 3 game series where Shekky came out on top.

The winner of Tybar and hehasmoments will face Shekky in the finals. Good luck to all!

As a reminder, by default they are best 2/3, untimed matches. But if there are time/scheduling concerns, the players can agree to only 1 game and/or a time limit. The same deck must be played throughout all games from this point on, and please send me your decklists before your first game.


I was greedy and played multiple theme decks during the league. There were a couple I wanted to write up, here they are:

Monkey Goes to Mother Bear’s
Aligned in Harmony


Congratulations to @shekky_ducky for winning the Savage Lands league! Well done to @hehasmoments for making the final table as well!

Unfortunately I don’t think it was recorded, but I did get most of Shekky vs Alotoaxolotls 3 games recorded, which I will post when uploaded.

Thanks again to everyone for joining, and once the promos/other prizes are in we’ll be mailing those out.


Top 4 matches of Shekky vs Axolotls:


@Pr0digy did we have a winner for the League and Finals match?

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Yep, a couple of posts up - Shekky took it down!

Once I get the OP kit in, I’ll make a post to grab peoples mailing addresses.


Good news, got the OP kit in! I have a playmat for @shekky_ducky, and promos for everyone else.

Please send me your mailing addresses so I can get you your promos! Not asking any money for postage since it’s pretty cheap, even sending to Europe.

Also, we finally got the Peacekeeper series OP kit in as well, so for those who played in that league you’ll also be getting those promos as well (@Doomdog, @hehasmoments, @Sauronsbeagle, @shekky_ducky, as well as @RSDoom who will be getting a playmat for 2nd place)